We continue to talk about billionaires without higher education. Some of them dropped out of school to realize their youth entrepreneurial ideas. Someone was forced to do so because of poverty, but did not break down and was able to become one of the richest and most successful people in the world. These people are an example of the fact that there is no limit to human possibilities if there is desire and perseverance.

Billionaires who refused to be educated

It is amazing how many people who made their way into the top 100 richest investors did not waste time on education. And how many graduated from the prestigious universities remained with nothing. Maybe it’s not all about diplomas?

Billionaires without higher education:

  • Francois Pinot ($ 33.7 billion). Of certificates and diplomas of education, he has only a driver’s license. Francois did not want to study, but entrepreneurship has attracted him since childhood. At 16, he left school and went to Algeria for three years. Having returned with the initial capital, he successfully marries and at the age of 27 founds a tree trading company. His next investments were investments in companies supplying drugs to Africa, selling cars and luxury goods. Today, the billionaire owns French ski resorts, wine companies and Christie’s auction house.
  • Larry Ellison ($ 57.5 billion). He was not interested in studying at the University of Illinois. Because after studying it for 2 years, he moved to the University of Chicago. But even here his studies didn’t seduce him: he left after the first semester in order to establish his own company for the development of DBMS, software and server hardware. Today, this corporation is known as Oracle.
  • Amancio Ortega ($ 75.7 billion). There was almost no money in the family and Amancio was forced to quit school at the age of 13. Working as a tailor’s apprentice, he gained skills that in the future allowed him to open the first knitwear shop at the age of 37. An accident helped the business unwind: a large batch of knitwear was not bought by the customer, and Ortega decided to sell it himself, marking the beginning of the network of brand clothes Zara and Oysho. Today, a billionaire without higher education also invests in the financial and gas sectors and banks.
  • Mark Zuckerberg ($ 77.6 billion). This person does not need any special presentation, the film “Social Network” was even made about him. Throwing in his third year at Harvard University, he brought his idea to life – Facebook. 2 years after the project implementation, the network became available to all users.
  • Bill Gates ($ 93.4 billion). Another failed graduate of Harvard University, who threw him in his second year in order to create Microsoft. The idea was successful.

Conclusion. Anyone can become a billionaire. And the thing is solely in dedication and partly luck. Of course, education will also never be superfluous, but examples of billionaires without higher education show that you just need to believe in yourself and learn to take risks. What do you think, dear FxCash blog readers, what does it take to become a successful trader and entrepreneur?

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