There are thousands of investors in the world who make good money and are ready to share their experience with you for their own advancement. Each strategy is individual, each investor is an individual. What happens with one, is not the fact that it will turn out with the other, because it is not always worth listening to all the advice of outsiders. And yet there are people, a success story and the experience of investors who are worth at least getting to know them for common development. Sure, most of them you have already heard.

Investor Experience: Meet and Learn

  1. Getty Green (1834-1916). “The Witch of Wall Street.” The richest woman in history, who entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest miser. Her greed and desire to earn – an example of a kind of mania (illness), when a person wanted more and more. She was able to earn about $ 4 billion from the US Civil War and railroads. United States.
  2. John Templeton (1912-2008). One of the few investors who preferred the policy of buying “junk” stocks. After World War II, he bought shares of low-liquidity companies, including Japanese, which grew 4-fold in 4 years. The investor experience was later adopted by others.
  3. Peter Lynch. Only 13 years (since 1977) it took the manager of the world’s largest investment fund Magellan to increase its assets from 18 million to 14 billion dollars. USA. True, at 46, Lynch chose to end his investing career as a teacher and author of cult books on money management.
  4. John Bogle. Founder of The Vanguard Group, the world’s largest management company. In just 25 years, Bogle has been able to increase its capital from 1.8 to 600 billion dollars. USA. The secret of his success lies in the constant planning and control of costs.
  5. Sam Zell. His motto, which brought him a fortune of $ 5 billion. USA – “Losers make a profit.” A shocking billionaire, whose investor experience allows it to be so, buys promising companies with debts and weak management, bringing them to the TOP, and then selling them.
  6. Richard Branson. The good-natured founder of the British corporation Virgin Group earned 5.5-6 billion dollars. USA. His corporation includes more than 400 companies of completely different directions, ranging from railways and artificial meat to astronautics and telephony.
  7. John Paulson. A person who made a fortune literally at a single event. He is one of the few who took the risk of opening short positions in the stock market until 2008, having foreseen the onset of a mortgage crisis in the USA. A vivid example of foresight, analysis, willpower and ability to take risks.
  8. Karl Aikan. “If you need a friend on Wall Street, buy yourself a dog.” Adheres to strict rules of aggressive capture and takeover of companies (greenmail policy), which brought him $ 24 billion. United States.
  9. George Soros. A genius of speculation who does not always accept fair competition methods. He is an excellent manipulator and provocateur, earning that he can provide for many events, and most importantly – to influence them and the opinions of other traders. His investor experience helped him earn about $ 1 billion on September 16, 1992. The United States, rolling off a pound sterling.
  10. Warren Buffet. A visionary investment guru who can assess risks and potential returns. Adheres to accuracy and logic. In 2010, he transferred 50% of his wealth to charitable foundations.

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