A trader is a profession. A professional trader studies for several years and spends hours at a computer. But for many, trade is an extra income to the main job. And if investments in securities, currencies, etc. – this is a classic investment, then investment in yourself is an investment with a future perspective. Read about what professions will be in demand (10 professions of the future), read the review.

Professions of the future: we get a new education

  1. Virtual reality designer. Virtual and augmented reality is one of the technologies of the future. It is planned to create virtual offices for remote negotiations, museums, training centers, etc. Accordingly, the price will be software developers and those who will create the very architecture of reality. Virtual guides and commentators will also be in demand.
  2. Internet of Things data analyst. Most home appliances are equipped with electronic controls. In 10 years, the generation of signals will turn into a global problem – the need to find solutions for analyzing information and forming a useful core (Big Data methods). Specialists of this class will be:
  • look for ways to communicate between electronic devices;
  • cut off unnecessary information and decipher real signals from electronic devices;
  • Look for errors in the signals generated by the electronics.
  1. Roboetics lawyer. Over time, robots will increasingly take on the implementation of various kinds of functions. There will be a need for the training of artificial intelligence norms of ethics. You will need an intermediary between a robot and a person who can adapt artificial intelligence to work among humans.
  2. Uninterrupted power supply technology developer. We are talking about alternative fuels that will replace oil, coal and gas.
  3. City cyber analyst. Automation of processes in the life of a megalopolis will require organization of analysis and systematization of the data obtained. This person will be:
  • monitor the performance of sensors and sensors;
  • systematize the received data and ensure synchronism (mutual coordination of work) of electronic urban systems;
  • follow the work of all the systems of the city, from sewage to electricity.
  1. Environmental Recovery Engineer. Already today this problem is quite acute, but by 2025, when the population is projected to increase to 9 billion people, it will be necessary to rehabilitate the ecosystem. The specialist will fight against the oppression of flora and fauna, restore extinct plants and animal species.
  2. Medical worker working with artificial intelligence. Diagnosis in the future will be made remotely. And even operations in the future can be passed on to robots, but it will not be possible to do completely without human intervention until the end.
  3. Genetic Specialist. Biotechnologies will step on a new level and family planning, tracking their own health at the level of molecular physics and biology will become the norm.
  4. Blockchain Specialist. Cryptocurrencies and cryptosystems will be a substitute for physical money. Transactions will be transferred to the electronic plane, but it will take a long time before people can understand this technology.
  5. Personal Data Broker. The person who will help the trader to make money on new technologies.

These 10 professions of the future – only part of what will be in demand in 5-10 years. We think they will be a good addition to the profession of a trader.

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