In the last review, we shared with you interesting films about investors and investments that you can watch at your leisure. For those who like to read, we have prepared another review of interesting books. They will be useful to those who want and are ready to improve their knowledge, learning the experience of more successful gurus of financial markets. These books for investors can be found in the audio version. We hope they will be useful to you.

Books for investors: learn the experience of professionals

  1. Theodore Dreiser “Financier”, “Titan”, “Stoic.” “The Trilogy of Desire” is the name of these books written by Theodore Dreiser. Frank Kaupervud began his financier career as a child, earning the first dollars from speculation. The trilogy tells about the ups and downs of a financial magnate, his scams and personal life. He fell and rose to reach even greater peaks each time. This book for investors reveals the nature of each character and teaches life experience. Never give up and appreciate those who are near.
  1. Sergey Mavrodi “The whole truth about MMM”. Do you think that MMM is a hoax of gullible people? Partly yes. But it is also a scam that is ingenious in its organization, about which it is worthwhile to learn more at least in order to be able to recognize such pyramids in the future. Mavrodi has repeatedly organized such schemes (even releasing his cryptocurrency) and always found those who want easy money. Another book from the same series is the story of Harry Markopolos about the largest pyramid in history, the Bernard Madoff scam.
  1. Peter Lynch “How to beat Wall Street.” A practical tutorial for those who work with the stock market. The author (head of the largest investment fund Magellan) talks about how to read financial statements, evaluate individual sectors and the stock market as a whole, and much more. An excellent book for an investor who wants to improve their knowledge in the field of trading in stocks and bonds.
  1. Henry Ford “My life, my achievements.” An instructive example of how to create an entire corporation from scratch and introduce unique technologies. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, Ford’s experience will definitely come in handy.
  1. Nassim Taleb “The Black Swan”. The cult book, in which the author pays attention to the factor of unpredictability, which stands in contrast to the technical and fundamental analysis. The book contains historical examples and their impact on the economy. Many theses of the book can be projected onto everyday life.

If you have already read these books, then we recommend a few more options:

  • Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” The book is a successful entrepreneur, which makes them reconsider their views on money. In the book there are many theses for the investor, which seem obvious. But we often miss exactly what lies on the surface.
  • Eric Naiman “How to buy low and sell high.” All books of this financier are interesting and instructive for the investor. The author talks about practical examples of trading in stock markets and how to generate income.
  • Dale Carnegie “How to win friends and influence people.” What professional investor doesn’t understand psychology and the ability to influence people? This book is just for those who want to become more self-confident and learn to attract others.
  • Warren Buffett “Essay on investment, corporate finance and company management.” The book is a collection of letters and thoughts of one of the richest people in the world. There are many interesting philosophical moments.
  • Benjamin Graham (Graham) “A reasonable investor.” The book for investors was written in the mid-1900s and became one of the first textbooks by Buffett. Suitable for those who are just starting their way as a stock investor.

Happy reading!

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