Trading is not an easy task and every person sometimes wants to get some rest. Rest allows you to rethink many things, relieve emotional stress and look at your work from a slightly different angle. The only question is how to do it most productively. We decided to offer you a selection of interesting films for investors about investments that will not only be useful from a practical point of view, but also allow you to relax a little while enjoying an interesting plot (sometimes twisted not worse than a detective story) and an excellent game of star actors. We hope you enjoy it! Movies for investors: relaxing with the benefits of the Darkness. Drink a pill and make a lot of money, revealing the superpowers of the brain? That is what Bradley Cooper’s hero does in this film, desperate and on the edge of the abyss. That’s just a light wealth always has a reverse side of the coin, which he learns about when there is no way back. What is superpower: bait, which leads to irreversible consequences, or the last chance to prove himself? You will find the answers to these questions in this film. Another interesting character is De Niro, who plays a tough financier. Here they smoke. Excellent filter for the investor who teaches marketing techniques. Aaron Eckhart shows a clear lesson about how a bad habit can be convincingly presented from a positive point of view. Negotiation rules, brand promotion and methods of psychological influence on people – all you see here. The wolf of Wall Street. The Martin Scorsese film is a great comedy about how a young, cunning financier (DiCaprio) dodges the FBI, creating many scams. Risk limit The film is based on the true story of Lehman Brothers, an investment bank that actually marked the beginning of the 2008 US mortgage crisis. A young bank employee accidentally discovers that the mortgage market is on the verge of collapse, and now the report has gone to the clock. What to do: save yourself or the entire financial market? Great game Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore keeps the viewer in suspense throughout the film. Great movie for the investor! The game is a short one. Michael Burrie (Christian Bale) is a regular hedge fund manager who suddenly realizes that the collapse of the mortgage market is inevitable, but that can be earned. His actions are baffled by experienced wolves from Wall Street who are trying to figure out what he is doing. Understanding the coming collapse comes trader Jared Vennetu (Ryan Gosling). The parallel line with Brad Pitt only adds more intrigue to the film. At first glance, the film may seem complicated, but it perfectly reveals the essence of financial pyramids, hedging and swaps. If you have already seen these films, we recommend a few more options: Game. The film, which clearly shows what a person feels, who has everything and who lost everything in an instant; Social network. The history of creating Facebook, where envy and jealousy are next to success; Wall Street. A 1987 film with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen who teaches that it’s always worth diversifying risks and you don’t always have to trust people; Aviator. Martin Scorsese’s film about the ups and downs of a man who is committed to success. The cast is great; Boiler room One of the few films for investors where Vin Diesel plays a peaceful hero. The film tells about a young financier who is building a pyramid in search of easy money. But you always have to pay for everything. Enjoy your viewing!

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