Here is the last week of July … The last summer month is ahead, and again the endless expectation of spring …; -)

Well, let’s not talk about sad things. Moreover, there is no reason to be sad. This week, all tested advisers worked perfectly.

Let’s start with Enterra Forex Star 3.1. First, even the already quite “old” enterra (against the background of the availability of a more recent version from the manufacturer) shows quite good results. Two stop-loss against the background of a large number of take profit’s are quite decent indicators. The adviser gradually “crawls” from the category of “on-site spotters” into the category of “some profit-cutting”. Secondly, the new version showed even better results in our preliminary testing, and will soon replace its progenitor, version 3.1. Details from the demo account, as always, can be observed almost in real time on our forex forum. By the way, soon the demo accounts will be replaced with real ones … But, everything has its time.

Next in line is FAP Turbo. This night scalper also showed good results last week. In monetary terms, slightly less enterra, about 4% weekly increase. FAP shows its stability in the long term, and is recommended for trading based on the rebate service.

I was particularly pleased with the DTS-1 adviser: he successfully coped with almost a 10% drawdown and was a plus. Bravo, maestro Yohannes Gagahlin: it looks like this Asian programmer-trader really creates worthy creations. By the way, in the near future, all his products will be legally available with a huge discount.

A few words about Dragon Pips. Recently, a heated discussion took place with one of FxCash’s clients: he claims that the Dragon “merges” in the long term. Well, we don’t have a reason to not believe him, so the forward test will decide everything. At the moment: more than 20% of profit relative to the initial deposit, 100% of profitable trades … It’s not really

But Forex Mega Droid showed … Zero. But this is our fault – the server administrator overlooked, and as a result of a crept error in the terminal, the robot could not withdraw positions for trading. It’s a pity. At the moment, all errors have been eliminated, and nothing can keep us from achieving scientific and observational goals

Due to the heavy workload, the test team was not able to publish new reviews of advisers this week, but they are already in the next queue: the fresh “grail” of the Ivy Bot, the updated Fractals Wizard 4.0, a few beloved by all martingale – Proverka v 1.4, and many others.As promised earlier – there will also be reviews of dealing centers.

All the good for the upcoming week and success in the trade!

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