Not so long ago, we had an idea to slightly analyze the statistics of brokers in relation to the number of accounts opened with them. How many forex traders? Agree, an interesting question. Many brokers publish this information on their websites in the hope that it will be a motivational factor for traders. “Wow, this broker has 100 thousand clients, he has already been in Forex for 10 years – just opening an account!” – something like this should work.

How many Forex traders

An interesting fact: if you collect the statistics of registered clients of brokers (if such information is available), then it turns out that almost 10% of traders are involved in the trade. Agree, the figure is questionable. You have a question, on what basis was statistics compiled? Try to collect it at least for those brokers who are partners of FxCash. However, to question the statistics written by the broker means to accuse him of deliberate deception. And this can not be done in any case, as long as there is no weighty evidence. But why not take into account the possible manipulation of numbers?

For example:

  • Statistics takes into account the number of accounts, not traders. If you take into account that the trader opens 1-5 accounts, the number of traders is reduced to 5 times.
  • Statistics takes into account open demo accounts. Why not? This is also an account, just a training one. And if after the demo, 1-10% of people open real accounts, the statistics are silent about it.
  • Statistics takes into account all accounts, although in fact many traders leave after the first loss. Accounts are no longer active, but this is not reflected in statistics.

And in this case, the statistics of the broker appears in a different light. It seems to be reliable, but at the same time not quite. But how to perceive it depends on the trader.

So how many forex traders? If we assume that 7 billion people live on Earth, then 10% of the brokers declared by statistics is 700 million people. Hardly so many people even work in the financial sector. And even 1% (70 million) seems like an incredible figure. In the end, you can make a small sample: count the number of your acquaintances and tell them which percentage of them replenished the brokerage deposit at least once. And how many of them are constantly selling?

Conclusion. Alas, how many Forex traders actually, there is no information and it is impossible to get it. If at the stock market at least it is possible to collect statistics of exchanges (although they are not in a hurry to disclose their exchanges), there is no single central statistical center in Forex. It would be possible to entrust the function of statistics to the regulators, but this is unrealistic. Most regulators cannot even get financial statements from brokers. Because so far the situation remains depressing for traders: there is no control of brokers as such, statistics published by brokers have nothing to do with reality in some cases.

What do traders do? To risk and hope for decency of the broker. Well, or invest in bank deposits that do not even cover inflation.

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