What is pipsing or scalping? This is a trading strategy that has recently become increasingly popular among traders. The bottom line is that the trader makes a large number of visits to the market, often receiving very few points of profit. This is where the name comes from: pips in English. – points. The medium term traders can enter the market for a period of several days or even weeks, short-term employees usually enter the market for a period of 1-2 days or even trade within a day. Scalpers have the shortest time, they are also pipsters. They can enter the market dozens of times a day for a very short period of time and gain a few points at a time.

There is a huge amount of trading systems for pipsing. An example of one of them can be found below.

A simple trading method for newbies using the Fractals + Signal + diapazon fractal indicator. This scalping indicator gives us signals to buy or sell in the form of arrows and colored diamonds. For example, a down arrow appears on the chart near the candle. Do not do anything. Wait for the fractal with a red diamond. A red diamond appears on the next candle. If the candle is to buy, wait for the moment of its closure and open an order to sell. If the candle is for sale, immediately open a sell order. Or open a warrant on the next candle. It happens that a diamond first appears. Then be sure to wait for confirmation in the form of an arrow. It is not advisable to trade this method in the American session. Take a profit on each transaction no more than 5-10 points.

We recommend trying this strategy by opening an account with an Orbex broker.

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