MyFxBook until recently was considered the only monitor portal that provided independent account monitoring and trading strategy services. It was possible to tie up an account to the monitor account and conduct an independent analysis, as well as use various screening tools, mathematical and graphical analysis tools, calculators. In contrast to the counterfeit MT4 back test, MyFxBook offered a 100% guarantee that with the investor password a trader gets the opportunity to see the real trading of the broker. Recently, this service began to make claims: a lot of advertising, intrusive links, etc. So it’s time for a healthy competition. FX Blue is a new service that claims to be another convenient monitor.

FX Blue – how to analyze accounts using the service

FX Blue is the new name for the less well-known service It allows you to keep statistics from the platforms MT4 and MT5, cTrader, FXCM, xOpenHub. You can register on the site in two ways:

  • Link an existing broker account with FX Blue. Go to the Live tab, fill in the opened tab information that can be found in the broker’s letters (account number, investor password, account type, etc.). After confirmation of the open account, the link that comes to the post office can be considered linked.
  • Installing the desktop version of the program in the platform. This installation involves the same actions as with trade advisors. In the Live tab, select the Publisher app / EA menu. Further registration is intuitive, the advisor is selected in accordance with the type of platform installed (you will see the list at registration). The downloaded file starts, the installation starts automatically.

Service features:

  • Formation of trade statistics of the account with the update every 60 seconds. Statistics is formed on the basis of graphical and technical analysis, taking into account the specified parameters of risk management. Both the account owner and third-party traders can upload results to Excel.
  • It is possible to install reporting widgets for clarity on third-party resources. The user can select one of several options for the visual display of information.
  • FX Blue gives you the ability to form aggregated portfolios by creating multiple accounts and making them common to all accounts under the same email address. A portfolio (Portfolio section) can be created from accounts of different brokers linked to the same type of platform.

The visual submission to the trade statistics is managed by the account owner. He can only allow access to the desired list of FX Blue accounts. Allow communication with him by e-mail, correct a brief description, give links to social networks, open a list of orders.

The functionality of FX Blue is simpler compared to MyFxBook. The advantage of the second service in a larger number of mechanisms for statistical analysis and data loading, the advantage of the first is multiplatform. MyFxBook is more popular, but FX Blue has every chance to catch up with it.

FX Blue is a relatively new service, it does not even have clever reviews on the Internet and the site is not Russified. But we strongly recommend that you self-intuitively evaluate its capabilities. Sure, it will interest you!

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