Most of the participants on the Forex exchange want to make a profit solely from the commission of trading operations, however, there is another way to make profit. Moreover, it is positioned as less dangerous, its practicality is irrefutable, if we compare it with such investments. This implies interest, which can be credited to open deposits. Sometimes this index is quite high (16% per annum). It is rather difficult to find such conditions in Russian banks.

Brokerage firms provide their own interest, staying in a rather extensive spectrum. The most suitable options are recommended by companies such as:

Forex.Market (up to 11% per annum)

InstaForex (up to 13% per annum)

Forex4you (up to 12.5% ​​per annum)

Roboforex (up to 9.5% per annum)

In other words, if you open an account with InstaForex, then the monthly charges will be – 1.08%. For example, if the volume of deposits is $ 5,000, then $ 46 will be charged monthly. Of course, there are separate additional conditions here, which you must adhere to: 1. When removing, there are additional conditions – another reef. It is required to trade the prescribed amount of transactions so that the credited funds can be withdrawn.

2. Account must demonstrate dynamism. This is the key and most problematic condition. It is prohibited to transfer money to a brokerage account and not to perform any operations. In most cases, brokers insist that a predetermined number of trading operations be carried out monthly.

3. Interest is credited only for free cash, that is, for non-involved funds in transactions.

Conclusion: the bonus reward can be used as an additional source of income during trading on Forex. If you do not engage in trade, the percentage enrollment will be suspended. It turns out that the depot account on the stock exchange is prohibited to use as a typical bank account. The most favorable option for acquiring passive income is to invest in investment organizations. Compared to financial pyramids, they invest money in high-grade production.

Warning! All FxCash customers receive rebates for each trade, even unprofitable. More than 40 brokers to choose from on the website FxCash.Ru.

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