The most stable European currencies form a pair of GBP / CHF, which is very attractive for novice Forex players. The cost of the British pound, however, is not distinguished by its stability, sometimes it does not even respond to news of special importance. Forecasting with respect to this instrument is closely related to the rates of other currencies. For example, if the price of dollars or euros goes down, then investors, as a rule, start mass buying up of precisely these currencies. On this pair in one session you can get more than a hundred points of income. Regarding the GBP / CHF quotes, we can say that this pair is based on the British pound. This factor significantly increases the cost of the 1st lot (about 145,000 Swiss francs. Or $ 150,000 US). The quotation reflects the cost of pounds in Swiss francs, at the moment this indicator is at the level of about 1.45-1.46 francs, with 4 digits after the comma. Such a four-digit quote is standard (brokers use a five-digit cat to display the tick movement). If the volume of the transaction is 1 lot, then the value of the 1st item is $ 15. In other words, with the required price movement, the income for 0.1 lot will be US $ 1.5 from the 1st item. The rates of the currencies in question usually depend on the same factors. In this regard, the prediction of the trend movement is largely based on events that take place in the country itself. According to the Forex news calendar, you can determine the most important events, as well as forecasting the price movement. GBP / CHF is one of the most volatile pairs. In just one session, its price can go on the order of several hundred points. However, with the release of news of extreme importance, there may be longer movements. The greatest recovery on the currency market is observed with the start of the London Stock Exchange. In the Asian session, the volatility of this pair is lower, its maximum value usually does not exceed 100 points. Opponents of sharp price movements can try their hand at the American trading floor. GBP / CHF fits perfectly into the “on the news” trade, while it is most advisable for each currency to focus on economic indicators within the country (retail sales, interest rates, unemployment, etc.).

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