BullDozer Advisor is another controversial robot from AMarkets broker’s piggy bank. However, it would be not so interesting to consider unambiguous advisers. According to the results of AMarkets testing for 6 months, the adviser brought 45.4% of profit with a minimum drawdown of 18.42%. The result is not bad, but in traders’ discussions in specialized forums about the adviser they respond with restraint and refer to high-risk robots. And in part this is understandable – the biggest difficulty lies in the selection of optimal settings. And here many people have problems, so for the beginning we recommend the basic settings offered by AMarkets not to change.

Trading Rules with BullDozer Advisor

The BullDozer Advisor is based on the strategy of the same name, which uses three popular indicators: two exponential sliding and Awesome Oscillator by Bill Williams. Awesome Oscillator is also a derived indicator based on moving averages, only simple ones. His signals are interpreted in each strategy in their own way: in some tactics it is important that he be necessarily above or below the zero line, in some – not. Also estimated is the number of peaks, the directionality of the oscillator. The indicator is ideal for medium and long-term strategies.

Trading takes place on the hourly timeframe (H1) and exclusively on the EUR / USD currency pair. Basic settings:

  • slow EMA period – 70;
  • fast EMA period – 21;
  • The recommended deposit is $ 1,000. United States.

We leave the oscillator settings basic, but it makes sense to work more with the slide settings. For example, the forum recommends settings for fast moving: period = 30, shift = 6, method = 1, price = 5, slow: period = 52, shift = 1, method = 3, price = 5. You can also experiment with the settings of the oscillator.

A signal to open a long position:

  • the candle on the H1 timeframe closes above the slow EMA;
  • fast EMA is below slow;
  • the oscillator is growing for at least 9 candles. Its direction matters, its position relative to zero is not important.

The level of stops is individual, 70-75 points are recommended. The position is closed after the oscillator for 6 candles showed a decline. In a manual strategy, you can set a take profit at a suitable level and after closing a 50% position, insure the remaining 50% with a trailing stop. When opening a position to sell, the conditions are completely opposite.

Equity of the BullDozer advisor is not the smoothest, but there is no reason to call this advisor non-working. Its only drawback is that it shows worse results on other currency pairs and needs frequent optimization. But there are no ideal advisers and therefore a maximum of patience and attention is required from the trader. Download, test on demo and cent account, select the optimal settings and earn! Good luck with your trading!

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