On FreshForex website, this advisor is one of the most expensive and one of the newest. The first mention of it on trading forums appeared in early 2017 and, despite its complexity and ambiguity, there are no negative reviews about it. In the free access advisor yet. And let it cost 400 dollars. USA, there is hope that the adviser, unlike robots created 5-8 years ago, is optimized for the modern market.

Loud Rooster – how to make money on patterns

There is no detailed test on FreshForex website, except for the deposit curve. As well as there is no investor password to evaluate its potential from the inside. And the curve itself looks relatively wavy – the adviser is a high-risk one. The principle of operation of the robot is based on the analysis of popular candlestick formations and the opening of positions on them. The approach is dangerous, since, according to theory, most patterns need to be confirmed, as they are lagging and are influenced by fundamental factors.

There is no information on which indicators are used or a description of the principle of pattern analysis on the FreshForex website. But, judging by the available settings, this is not required of the trader – all settings are related to risk management and individual trading rules.

Advisor SettingsLoudRooster:

  • Magic is an individual number assigned to positions opened by the robot. It is needed for simultaneous trading on different pairs or for trading one pair by different advisers;
  • Lots – starting fixed lot volume;
  • MM – enable built-in money management settings;
  • StopLoss – stop loss parameter;
  • TakeProfit – take profit parameter;
  • Tral – enable or disable trailing stop;
  • TralStartLevel – the amount of income with which the trailing stop is activated;
  • TralStop – stop loss length (distance).

The Expert Advisor trades around 30 candlestick patterns, the on and off of which mode is permissible in the settings and remains at the discretion of the trader. These include the classic figures “Hammer”, “Star” (morning and evening), as well as non-standard, rather rare models “Harami”, “Tasuki Window”, etc.

On the FreshForex website, information about various promotions periodically appears, by taking part in which, you can get an adviser for free. However, for this you need at least to replenish the account in the amount of 200 dollars. USA. Is it worth it to do just for the sake of the adviser – a rhetorical question. At least according to traders reviews, so far the advisor is considered very interesting. And if you are a FreshForex client, then you should not miss the opportunity to work with the advisor.

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