We continue to consider trading advisors provided free of charge on the page of your site by the broker AMarkets (if you are a broker’s client or are going to become one, follow the link to learn more about the conditions of partial refund of the spread). This time we’ll take a closer look at the ambiguous advisor with the non-standard name ow1000p.

If you believe the data provided by the broker, then this is a very conservative advisor with minimal risk. Yield for 6 months of 17.3% can not be called too great (if we consider that this is an average value), but even 30% per annum is still a good result. The maximum drawdown is only 5.69%. But if you look at the results of testing in other sources, then there are slightly different numbers: at a yield of 1.82% per month, the maximum drawdown was 26.25% and therefore ow1000p is considered to be a high-risk adviser.

ow1000p Advisor Settings

Despite such different test results, the adviser deserves the attention of a professional trader who, if desired, can make a good profitable robot out of him. It is based on the moving average. As soon as the breakdown occurs (the price crosses the moving average price), the robot opens the position. The optimal timeframe is H1, the currency pair is EUR / USD, but it can be tested on other pairs. You can increase the number of profitable trades if you set opening orders only to either long positions or short ones, when you see a long trend direction (for example, upwards over several months under the pressure of a fundamental factor).

Ow1000p Robot Settings:

  • Second_Bar_Buffer – an increase in this parameter will allow opening more transactions, but the risk will increase accordingly;
  • Money_Bufer – option to close deals. If you reduce it, the adviser will close the deal earlier, but the profit will be less;
  • SL_1 – SL_6 – stop loss levels when certain thresholds are reached.

It makes no sense to describe all the settings, as they are standard and relate to risk management. Correct selection of the period allows you to reduce the number of losing trades to a minimum, but there is no single recipe here – the MA will be different for each market situation and currency pair and the advisor should be periodically optimized.

Conclusion. The ow1000p advisor is an interesting toy for those who like to improve simple technical tools. The code is open, you can modify it at your discretion. Novice traders are better off choosing another robot or showing patience and using accurate settings to bring its performance closer to the desired result.

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