There are some important differences between investing (for example, in PAMM) and trade, although some people may use these terms interchangeably, without really wondering what each of them represents.

Investments usually entail the concept of “buy and hold”, according to which the investor’s goal is to acquire financial instruments and hold them for a long time, in the hope that the instrument will change significantly in price. Trade also involves making profits in the shortest possible time, very often within just one day. Serious investors tend to acquire a trading instrument based on fundamental reasons. For example, stock market investors will analyze a company by examining quarterly reports, reputation, product potential, and team management experience. Traders tend to use technical analysis, including also short-term market sentiment. Short-term traders quickly recognize changes in short-term trends, and enjoy minor price fluctuations. The “Buy and Hold” strategy does not recede far from “buy and forget”, since many investors do not have stop-losses, and remain with a pile of useless stocks. Of course, there are traders who do not have risk management rules. But, as a rule, they are more aware of them than most investors.

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