The TrendWave indicator can be called truly unique. This is an authoring development, for which the developer several years ago asked for more than 100 dollars. USA, but all paid soon becomes free. Once a dissatisfied customer appears, the indicator is sent to the public in order to “screech” the indicator. However, such is human nature. Everyone can not be satisfied, the more ideal indicators do not exist. Such is the fate of every developer, who will have to accept the fact that his work will very quickly become publicly available.

Today, the TrendWave indicator can be easily downloaded for free on the Internet and we are ready to help you with this. Write about this in the comments indicating the e-mail and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

TrendWave Indicator – Oscillator for intraday trading

The TrendWave indicator is an oscillator that uses simple and exponential moving averages to find position opening points. According to the author, this is a difficult oscillator. Its advantage is effective performance in all parts of the market, which, unlike other similar tools, gives a profit both on the trend and in the flat. Therefore, the name of the indicator is “Trend Wave.”

Comments about him are ambiguous. There are opinions that the indicator is really working, but there is a lot of criticism. Interestingly, we were unable to find the bektest and test results (trading) directly from the author. However, it is free, because it is worth trying it out. After the indicator is downloaded, add it to the Indicators folder and restart the platform.

Indicator Settings TrendWave:

  • WavePeriod. The period parameter setting of the algorithm is set in accordance with the timeframe.
  • AvgPeriod. It indicates the period of the indicator, which is valid for both sliding. If the value is high, the sliding ones will turn out smoothed (rare entry signals). A small value will give a quick, non-smoothed sliding graph, increasing the number of signals. But their accuracy will decrease. The optimal selection of this parameter for each currency pair and market situation is the key to the indicator’s performance.
  • SoundAlert. Activation of the sound notification about the appearance of a signal to the input. The function is convenient, especially when this strategy is an additional strategy.
  • EmailAlert. Activation of sending notifications about the entry signal to the postal address. Given that the indicator is intraday, the function seems pointless. Although it is more convenient for someone.

The TrendWave indicator detects trend reversal points, because positions are opened in the same way as the same stochastic signals. If the TrendWave line touched the lower border, open a deal to buy, the top one is for sale. The recommended timeframe is M15. For the sake of experiment, we also recommend adding a couple of other oscillators to compare the statistics of profitable deals. We invite you to discuss this tool in the comments!

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