The forex market is only at first glance an opportunity to do nothing, receive money. No trader who has really achieved success in this business will ever agree that he does nothing. To understand where and how the price will go, and to be able to predict its movements, it takes a lot of time for training alone. Not to mention the fact that trade itself implies the need for a long time to monitor the market and monitor trading signals.

All this takes a lot of time. True, now in order to make a deal, it is not at all necessary to look at the chart 24 hours a day. If you decide that you will buy euros, for example, when you cross the 1.5276 schedule, then you can easily place an order for this very mark and quietly go to sleep or walk. Well, an even more modern option is an automated trading system. It can completely replace your eyes and hands during your absence. Because it is capable at the right time to buy or sell the currency in which you play, without any problems. Moreover, it can make dozens of transactions during the day, if there are for that reason. Each time a certain trading signal is triggered, the system opens or closes the trade itself. As a result, you get income, almost without being present on the site – that is, in front of the monitor.

The forex trading system is, it turns out, something like a water mill: it works without you. At the same time, is it possible to say that a water mill can work ten years in a row and produce a product, if it is not approached at all? Naturally, no. And in the same way – PBX on forex.

At a minimum, a trader must understand how it works. And not just to admire the wondrous program that does not understand how to work, but should earn. In fact, at the heart of the PBX – just a few principles, more or less complex, but still quite accessible to human intelligence.

Why is it important to understand them?

First, because the principles are more or less successful. And, perhaps, by changing some of these principles, you could increase your profitability.

Secondly, PBX almost always uses indicators. And the indicators need to adjust to the market. Only in this case it makes sense to hope for profitability.

So – the trader and PBX are just good friends. In no case should the system become a subject of worship. Understanding how the system works distinguishes a serious trader from an ordinary player, whose success is unlikely to be long and stable.

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