Becoming a billionaire after 40 years is impossible? It seems so only at first glance. Of course, we cannot know all the vicissitudes of the participants in our review, but still they should pay tribute. Someone contributed to good luck, someone showed purposefulness, and someone tactfully does not talk about their connections (and they play in the development of a business almost the main role). The initial capital was earned long before 40 years, but it was the first billion that came at that time. So it’s never too late to start!

Billionaires after 40: the path of success for great investors

To earn capital, you need to be an astute investor who knows how to take risks, or an innovator. “Shot” idea can bring millions when properly organized.

Billionaires after 40 years:

  • Reed Hoffman (born 1967). The era of Internet development in the mid-1990s left its mark on many people. Most of the startups were not viable and ceased to exist. The same thing happened with the prototype of the dating site, which was developed by Hoffman in 30 years. 2 years after leaving the project, he continues to work at PayPal and in 2002 makes a new attempt. At that time, social networks were the most interesting direction, because its LinkedIn business network turned out to be a ticket to the billionaires society, although it did not work until 2010.
  • George Soros (born 1930). Fully in the investment world, he plunged only in 26 years, but already then he developed a scheme for earnings on arbitration. Soros becomes a billionaire after 40 years, having founded the investment fund Quantum Fund. We will not deny that both the bonds and the initial capital were accumulated long before that. But the fact remains – today he is one of the richest people.
  • “Colonel” Garland Sanders (1890-1980). A unique person who created his own image thanks to the career of a military man. In 1935, he received the title of “Colonel of Kentucky” and only in 40 years he becomes an entrepreneur. At his gas station, he offers visitors chicken wings cooked in a breading according to a unique recipe. Then the image of the future corporation, which today is known under the KFC brand, begins to take shape.
  • Momofuku Ando (1910-2007). The result of a survey in Japan regarding the most useful invention of the twentieth century turned out to be curious. It was the noodles of fast cooking, which was invented by Ando only after 40 years.
  • Amancio Ortega (born 1936). Here everything is natural. Poverty has forced Ortega to quit school at the age of 13, and he is learning a profession in a clothing store. Then he will open in 37 years the first clothing store and almost be bankrupt. Only in 1975, the first Zara retail network was created, which became international.
  • Mary Catherine Wagner (Ash) (1918-2001). Why work for others if you can do the same for yourself? And if you still have an excellent marketing tip and enthusiasm, then you can build a whole corporation. Due to prejudice, she leaves the company and at the age of 45 she creates her own business, which we know as Mary Kay Inc.

Not everyone can become a billionaire after 40, but this is no reason to give up. Even at least some result is already a result. And no matter how old you are! Stay with FxCash and become a professional with our blog!

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