Earnings on the trend – one of the favorite strategies of many traders who are not afraid of volatility. True, a commitment to quick earning strategies can lead to a quick loss. It is enough to make a mistake in the forecast and a strong trend will not bring, but on the contrary will take the deposit. But traders do not stop it. They continue to improve risk management policies in order to minimize risks. Binario Advisor is no exception. Despite the fact that according to the results of the testing of the robot by analysts of the broker AMarkets, the depth of the drawdown turned out to be almost the largest of all advisers (84.53%), the stop-out positions are not closed.

Binario Advisor – a universal advisor for all trading cases

The Binario Universal Advisor works on almost any timeframe. In its basic version, the classic timeframe for the intraday conservative strategy is set to H1, but it also shows quite good results on M15.

The principle of operation of the adviser is based on moving averages (a variety of tactics are often based on them), but with one feature. Popular tactics involve the presence of 2 or more simple or exponential MA with different periods, the intersection of which with the price means a signal to open a position. In the Binario adviser, on the contrary, sliding have the same period, but a different approach to calculating the trend movement.

Binario Advisor places pending orders BuyStop and SellStop, the distance to which from the moving average is set in the parameters. Orders are triggered as soon as the price chart crosses the upper or lower sliding.

Robot SettingsBinario:

  • Lot – the volume of the initial lot;
  • Dist – distance in points between the MA and the pending order (main adjustment parameter);
  • sl – Stop Loss;
  • tp – Take Profit. Both this and previous parameters are settings for risk management;
  • TrailLevel – the value of the trailing level;
  • period_MA1 – period value of the MA upper line;
  • period_MA2 – period value of the lower MA;
  • Magic is a unique number of positions of the advisor.

The recommended deposit – from 1000 dollars. The United States, the expected yield – about 60% per year, currency pairs – any. The strategy does not use high-risk tactics (Martingale or averaging). This is partly a plus, but sometimes elements of the Martingale allow you to partially recoup a potential loss, which compensates for a large drawdown.

Summary. Binario Advisor can be called a classic multi-currency trading tool. Since it is free, it is already engaged in optimization in the process of work. The drawdown specified by the broker AMarkets is only a special case of testing. Advisor is optimized for any currency pair. And let the profitability partially decrease along with the risk, this is not a problem. Ask questions in the comments!

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