The variety of financial instruments used in Forex trading is the basis for successful trading. One of them are binary options. The essence of their use is determined by the figurative title “All or Nothing.” Ease of use and maximum certainty even before the start of the transaction are their undoubted advantages.

COLL and PUT options are most popular in stock exchange transactions. The purchase price of an option is called Strike or the exercise price. And an option that made a profit is “an option in money”, a loss is “not in money”. The principle of trading using options is simple: and the fact is that in forecasting the upward trend in price, you need to buy a COLL option, if the trend is the opposite, then acquire ITB. In the case of using these options, a certain value of the price is not fixed, it is important to determine only the trend. But the value of profit is strictly fixed at the time of the transaction. Therefore, simplicity and certainty are the hallmarks of trading using binary options COLL and PUT. If the price had the opposite tendency in relation to the forecast, a loss occurs, which also has a fixed value. The level of earnings on binary options of such transactions is quite high, on average is 70%, and in some cases with the use of special technologies it reaches 400%. Binary options are a very interesting financial instrument that allows you to make substantial profits with minimal risks. Undoubtedly, using proven successful strategies for trading binary options.

Binary options are more accessible than other tools because of their lower cost. They can be used in transactions with short time intervals. Investors include them in their portfolios for the purpose of hedging, due to the fact that binary options have the most minimal levels of risk.

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