Our test included another adviser with a loud and sonorous name – Blessing 2 v5.2 (Stochastic MOD 3), which means “Blessing” in Russian. Right holy grail, not otherwise. The size of our version is 27739 bytes. The stated working timeframe is H1. There are no specifically approved currency pairs – you can experiment on any. On the English-language forum Forex TSD discussion on this robot takes up a large number of pages, so he could not help but attract our attention. In addition, at the core of the system’s operation, the martingale method is so beloved by new traders, and the constant proof of all its deadlock is acquired from us by sports interest

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In addition to the martingale, the adviser uses a technique already known on the Internet under the name “Network” (Grid). Efficiency, and especially the stability of the latter is also questionable, but the author of this trading robot claims that the key to its success is diversification across different currency pairs.

Despite all our attempts, we did not succeed in achieving even minimal stability and profitability from this advisor. Special thanks to INFERNUS‘ for the organized Blessing 2 v5.2 Stochastic MOD3 test.

P.S .: All expert testers tested on the blog can be obtained free of charge from us upon request. The only exception is officially registered intellectual property (example: FAP Turbo, Forex Mega Droid, and several others).

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