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Forex Bonuses, Rebate, Spread Returns

Modern * forex bonuses * are an integral part of the profit of every professional trader. If you are still on your way to your first financial victories, you should pay special attention to an interesting passive income scheme known as * Ribeit. * Translated from English, this term means “price concession” or “discount”.

In the Russian market of foreign exchange operations, the method is used relatively recently. In world practice, the rebate received from the conclusion of transactions for the purchase or sale of goods or services is known. In Forex, the term refers to a partial or full * return of the spread * or also a commission that the trader pays for his trading operations, acting under the authority of the selected dealing center or broker.

What caused the rebate?

In recent years, the number of brokers in the financial markets has rapidly increased, which has provoked a strong jump in competition in the segment. Managers of leading market operators began to seriously think about fundamentally new ways to attract customers. The most effective tool that shows good results in this direction is now considered an affiliate program. Competent use of a powerful professional broker tool provides an excellent opportunity to stand out against the competition. Today, such schemes are actively used in Russia and the CIS. Some companies have already made a large part of the deduction for traders in their main specialization. Anyone who today is betting on a rebate is guaranteed to receive a stable source of additional income.

Is it really that simple with a rebate?

Not really. Special caution is recommended during the registration process. It is advisable to trust your money only to companies with an impeccable reputation that have long been operating in the market. Among the main players in the CIS market of forex bonuses, I would like to highlight the company FxCash.RU – the very first operator to return part of the spread rebate service in RuNet. The advantages of FxCash speak for themselves – this is a huge amount of positive feedback, the absence of any problems with instant payments and guaranteed bonuses that each active client registered on the profile resource receives.

Why is Forex rebate (spread return) popular among traders

The secret of the popularity of the service lies on the surface, so it is available to everyone. There are no flaws in rebate per se. All maintenance and registration services are provided free of charge. For an additional incentive, FxCash rebate offer a progressive affiliate program. And this is a real opportunity to earn anyone, even without trading 10% of the trading volume of attracted customers. All this is done for one simple reason – the company that will return the funds is no less interested in making a client’s profit than he is.

The main advantages of a rebate are more conveniently presented as a list

  1. The lightning-like nature of the service is liked by everyone without exception.
  2. The prospect of returning up to 95% of the paid commission is more than tempting.
  3. The money goes to the trader’s account immediately after the order is closed.
  4. Regardless of the choice of the brokerage company, participants in the foreign exchange market can rely on attractive conditions for the return of the spread or commission.
  5. Forex bonuses received are also instantly removed from the network in any convenient way.
  6. If additional questions arise, the rebate company will kindly provide qualified information support free of charge.

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