Every person loves rest, and if this rest is beneficial, double. Investing requires a lot of patience, emotional stress and time to control the situation (unless of course it is not about deposits). The ability to sometimes distract allows you to rebuild the mind and look at their strategies from the side. Below we offer you a list of the most popular desktop, computer and team investment games that will help you spend your time or, for example, transfer your knowledge.

Educational investment games

Several interesting games that will help you develop your investment skills:

  • CashFlow. The most famous board investment game created by the author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Play it better after you read this book. There are four versions of this game and each of them is unique in its own way. CashFlow is a real-life financial simulator, where familiarity with the investment world begins with a small, but most important, goal selection. The whole business world is divided into 4 types: hired employees, entrepreneurs, owners of big capital and investors. And all these stages, players can go gradually.
  • Power grid. Another board game considered one of the most interesting. It is a competition between the owners of energy companies, where everyone must build a client network, buy fuel for generators, and win at auctions. The winner is the one who joins the network the largest number of cities.
  • SimCity (Buildit version). Computer game, built on the type of strategy. The goal of the game is the creation and development of a virtual city in which real life is simulated. The player from scratch creates an industrial, commercial, social sector, is engaged in the development of recreational areas, struggling with the elements, crime, crises, diseases, etc. The game is interesting, but takes a long time.
  • Virtonomics. Virtual gaming simulator for managers, entrepreneurs and business schools. Network investment game has its own website where players compete with each other. It represents a world in which a player can choose any form: become a politician or develop his own business, engage in espionage, or take the side of the criminal world.
  • Businessmania. Another multi-functional simulator, created in 2009 and still popular. The number of participants is more than 10 thousand. At the start, each player receives capital that can be used to create their own entrepreneurship. The task is to turn a business into a corporation by any means, from advertising to development. Participation in the game is free, but it is possible to buy artifacts for real money.

All these games have quite complex rules and are designed for a long time. In computer games you can always take a pause, board games can be played almost all day. The advantage of board investment games is communication, there is always an opportunity to agree with each other and introduce your own rules.

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