254.5% – this is exactly the profit indicated by the broker A-Markets based on the results of 6-month testing. Can you believe such successful results? The question is rhetorical. But it is credible that the adviser was developed on the basis of the Smart YTG system – a system whose essence is not disclosed by the authors, but on the basis of which the work of many other trading systems is built. It is only known that its task is to break open loss-making transactions using a grid of pending orders to breakeven.

CashHummer – worth the risk

The principle of the robot is the following: Cash Hummer monitors and analyzes the appearance of candlesticks, determines the potential emergence of a strong trend and opens the position on it. In order to minimize losses, the adviser uses accounting for the general position of orders and their mutual overlap, which allows you to quickly fix income. At some point it may seem that the robot does not work adequately, but in fact the built-in Smart YTG system blocks profitable and losing positions.

High profit can be earned through the use of elements of the Martingale system in the advisor. Although it is not very welcome, but it is the only way to get income over 200% per year.

Basic conditions for using Cash Hummer Advisor:

  • The minimum account balance is $ 2,000. United States;
  • recommended timeframe is H4;
  • the maximum drawdown is 23.53% (which is considered a moderate figure for a robot using Martingale elements);
  • The best currency pair is Euro / US Dollar.

The Expert Advisor works only with its own orders, it does not process other people.

Cash Hummer Settings:

  • Take Profit – the expected income bar. Set in points according to personal risk management strategy;
  • Tralling – activates the trailing stop;
  • TSProfitOnly – only lucrative deals are recorded;
  • TStop.Buy – the parameter that determines the distance between the Buy Stop pending order and the current price (indicated in points);
  • TStop.Sell – the parameter that determines the distance between the pending Sell Stop order from the current price (indicated in points);
  • TrallingStep – Trailing Stop order step.

Summary. You can find negative reviews on Cash Hummer on the Internet, but it is important to understand which version of the adviser you are talking about. We are familiar with at least 5 versions of the adviser, each of which has been re-optimized in accordance with market volatility. Therefore, we give our recommendations:

  • you can not just run the adviser and leave it unattended. It is important to understand the principle of its work and find out at what points it is able to make a profit;
  • Cash Hummer can bring 800% per year, and can “drain” the deposit for 1 week. The essence of the skill of the trader and the ability to stop in time.

Cash Hummer is one of those advisors worth downloading, but get ready for the fact that it will take more than a month to refine it. However, patience and composure are the key qualities of a real trader!

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