Today, just a few news from the project

First, all payments were made for August-month 2009 for all dealing centers.

Secondly, the winner of the partnership contest was determined. They became Alexander Anokhin (X50345), he receives a prize of 150 USD. It should be noted that in August the project partners did not show due activity (against the background of the previous period), and some especially succeeded in attracting inactive clients. Well, autumn has come, warm days have passed, nothing distracts – we all can safely get to work

And finally, third. In the near future, the project is expected to be another change, aimed at better customer service, as well as expanding the range of services provided. This upgrade, in particular, will affect the scheme of accruals and payments: starting from November 1, 2009, the earned funds will be credited from the 1st to the 10th of each month (for the previous month), and 99% of payments will be processed within a few hours. / p>

We also inform you that in September there is a competition among traders-clients of the project. The winner will be the one who for the specified period will have the maximum number of activated trading accounts, for each of which the charges will be $ 10 or more.

All working mood, and, of course, success in trade!

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