We continue to review those who are willing to share their income with other people. Philanthropic billionaires are willing to invest millions in various projects and each of them is driven by its own motivation. Someone so generous that almost every serious project to protect human rights and the environment is ready to finance. Someone prefers technology startups. And someone only finances a very narrow area. They are united by one thing: during their lifetime they are ready to share money with the community, although they could transfer money management to children.

However, there are examples when children do not follow in the footsteps of their parents and, owning a million capital, do what they like (example: one of the heirs of the SABMiller empire, Julio Mario Santo Domingo III, who chose a DJ job).

Philanthropic Billionaires: Who Are Ready to Share Money for Benefit

It is interesting that not all philanthropic billionaires are the richest people in the world, although for the most part the list is the same. Periodically, Carlos Slim and Mark Zuckerberg participate in the list, but Jeff Bezos is not visible in it and the youngest billionaires rarely appear. It seems that the charity of billionaires is the lot of those who have reached a certain age, and in their youth it is still early to think about it.

Billionaire Philanthropists:

  • Charles (Chuck) Feeney ($ 480 million). A unique example of the fact that a person can be content with little. True, in this case “small” means to be content with several millions a year. But the founder of Duty Free Shoppers is quite enough. He is more than 85 years old and during his life he gave almost all of his fortune (about $ 7 billion) to charity.
  • George Soros ($ 529 million). He has his own Open Society Foundation charitable foundation, which has good goals. At first sight. Soros finances educational projects: public organizations for human rights, provides grants to scientists. But he also supports independent media on the pretext of supporting unbiasedness. For which he is criticized, that he just buys the media.
  • Michael Bloomberg ($ 598 million). As mayor of New York, he assigned himself a salary of $ 1. USA. Marketing move, given that he owns one of the best news agencies in the world. Bloomberg supports more than 850 different organizations, investing money in health and environmental protection.
  • The Gates family ($ 2.140 billion). The couple began to be engaged in charity in 1999. Then Bill Gates transferred to the fund securities worth $ 16 billion. USA. Initially, the fund was engaged in investments in computer development. Later, priority was given to health care and assistance to the world’s poor countries. In 2010, together with Warren Buffett, he became the founder of the “Oath of Giving” foundation, in accordance with which he undertook to transfer at least 50% of his fortune to a charitable foundation.
  • Warren Buffet ($ 2.889 billion). He is a permanent billionaire philanthropist who supports the Gates Family Foundation. In total, I gave about $ 30 billion to charity, promising to give about 99% of my fortune.

Billionaire philanthropists cause respect, but very little information regarding how these funds really manage the money. The author of these lines was once a member of a public organization, which, having received a grant, mastered the money of one of the billionaires’ charitable foundations from this list. And it cannot be said that this money was spent efficiently. Although this is just a small example.

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