Tell me, what is your purpose in life? Happiness, well-being (material as well), joy for the family, rest without borders, friends. And what about billionaires who already have all this? When all your desires are satisfied, I want to bring benefits to the world around. And the best option is charity. As practice shows, not all billionaires are willing to share their money, preferring to leave them in the family. At least a few have joined the “Oath of Giving” (about this in the second part of the review).

It is noteworthy that in the 2000s, the billionaire charity was mainly aimed at supporting technology startups. Now the focus has shifted towards biotechnology development, support of legal organizations and third world countries.

Charity of billionaires: who is the most generous in the world

This list is based on the Forbes and Shook Research study and its 2017 numbers are approximate. But the overall picture of it can be:

  • Gordon and Betty Moore ($ 287 million). Intel co-founders for many years have been known for their philanthropic approach, supporting more than 15 years of diverse projects. By the amount donated to charity, billionaires are among those who donated the largest amount of money in the past few years. On average, they annually allocate the same amount regardless of their income. Through their charitable foundation, they invest money in medicine, environmental protection, and astronomy.
  • James Simons ($ 291 million). His generosity depends on the mood. This is only an assumption, since it rarely makes it to the TOP rating of the charity of billionaires. He is more than 80 years old and is no longer actively investing. Having earned money on fund management, he supports medicine and education in countries around the world.
  • Paul Allen ($ 339 million). Billionaire is one of the co-founders of Microsoft. Previously, he did not have such thorough philanthropic views, but in the past 7 years he has been a frequent participant in the TOP 10 most generous people in the world. The specialization is narrow: it supports scientific research in the field of human brain research. For this, he invested about 600 million dollars. United States in the creation of an appropriate institution. While information on the results of research is a little. (Ed. at the time when the article was being prepared, the information was relevant. Alas, the brilliant man left this world on 10/15/2018).
  • The Walton Family ($ 452 million). Relatives of the founder of Wal-Mart prefer not to be particularly dissipated on all sorts of projects, preferring history. In 2011, they invested about 1.2 billion dollars in the United States Art Museum. USA. And for the history is useful, and the money formally remain in the family.

Continuation of the review on the charity of billionaires, read the next section.

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