Despite the emergence of new ultra-profitable assets (cryptocurrency, ICO), investing in gold remains an option for implementing conservative strategies with minimal risk. The benefits of investing in gold:

  • trust. In the minds of investors, gold is a protective asset that grows during the fall of the currency, stock and commodity markets;
  • reliability. Gold is part of the gold reserves of developed and developing countries. Gold quotes will be supported by their monetary policy;
  • emission limitations. Gold reserves are limited
  • demand. In addition to investment interest, gold prices are supported by industry demand;
  • stable growth. In the long run, gold shows growth comparable to deposit rates;
  • availability. Investing in gold is available to everyone regardless of the amount of money.

Types of investments in gold

  1. Investing for professionals:
  • Futures investment on international exchanges. An option for those who have a capital of 20-30 thousand dollars. USA and is ready to work with large volumes of derivatives. This way is chosen by professionals who earn on speculation;
  • buying gold from international companies. Gold bars remain in the vaults of international banks, bars meet international certification standards. Disadvantage: the transactions are electronic and require a large start-up capital (from several thousand dollars. USA);
  • investment in RETF. On the Moscow Exchange there is a “gold” fund managed by Finex, which invests in gold. You can invest money through Finam’s electronic stock store, the minimum entry threshold is available to every investor (from a few thousand rubles);
  • Investment in securities of gold companies. Suitable for investors who are able to analyze the industry and are ready to monitor financial statements;
  • Forex trading. The purchase of the actual metal does not occur, trading is conducted CFD (contracts for the difference in prices). Advantages – the minimum deposit (from 1-10 dollars. USA for cent accounts). You can choose a reliable broker with partial spread compensation from the list of FxCash rebate service.
  1. Investing in gold for new investors:
  • Buying a gold bar in the bank. A simple investment method with some risks. Unlike buying gold from international companies, metal from banks can only have bank certification. This means that not every bank will subsequently accept an ingot without examination or will agree to buy the metal at the price of scrap. Benefits – a long-term investment that can be transferred to another person. The minimum gold ingot weight is 1 gram;
  • opening an impersonal metal account. Some banks offer this service and even for some accounts are willing to charge a small percentage. You can get cash metal, but it is not profitable from the point of view of taxation. Advantages: low investment threshold (from 1 gram), accounts are not subject to personal income tax and VAT, the investor earns on exchange difference without any certification. Disadvantage: in case of bankruptcy, OMS banks do not fall under insurance compensation;
  • purchase of investment (collectible) coins. The investor earns not only on the growth of metal quotations, but also on the collection value. Disadvantages: coins need care (oxidation reduces the cost), you need to understand what is interesting to collectors;
  • investments in mutual funds that work with gold.

Investing in gold is available to everyone. Choose your option and earn one of the most reliable investment assets!

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