And so it began. The leaders of communist China are gathering in Beijing to hold a meeting held every five years, following which tangible changes are expected in the political strength of President Xi Jinping and in the future of the second world economy.

Yesterday we mentioned the importance of this meeting for cryptocurrency traders. But that’s not all. The meeting will discuss a huge number of questions and traders should be closely monitored to know how to benefit from this key event.

Some (useful) tips about this meeting.

Duration unknown. In 2013, it lasted 8 days. Main objective: voting for the leader of the Communist Party. About 370 members of the Central Committee of the party will be elected. The current delegation has about 2,287 members of the Communist Party. The new Central Committee will vote to integrate 25 members into the Politburo. ) Xi Jinping is the President of China and the Secretary General of the Communist Party

And although this meeting will be more in terms of ideology and politics, there is a chance that monetary policy, the economy, the stock exchange and much more will be discussed. The results of such discussions can put stocks and currencies upside down.

What to expect from the meeting?

Politics: C is likely to strengthen its strength and continue to implement strategic plans for the economy and the military industry. A decrease in the number of members of the Politburo Standing Committee is also expected. Fewer members can be perceived as an acceleration of legislative processes.

Ideology: The State Council will emphasize the importance of ideology in the industry. With this in mind, we expect that some industries will be given more freedom, however, in return, they may require compliance with more stringent ideological standards. Ideological control and regulation are expected to increase.

Economy and Trade: It is expected that C will continue to globalize the economy. However, in China there are problems that the government will have to resolve, including industrial redundancy, which is not an easy task for the administration. Experts believe that China will become more protectionist in relation to domestic affairs, but will be glad to foreign investors.

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