CrossPoint Advisor was developed in 2011, but it is difficult to attribute it to particularly popular ones. First of all, the reason is its moderate yield (slightly more than 40% per annum) and not the most pleasant equity. But its uniqueness is practically minimal risk in the long run. Although, we admit, in the short term the robot may be wrong. But let us remember the main rule of a trader: you should not chase profits in a short time, minimizing risks is important. And CrossPoint does a great job of it.

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CrossPoint – universal trading with minimal risk

The highlight of CrossPoint is a unique algorithm that allows you to accurately track pivot points. The robot shows the best results on a strong trend, but the inherent tools allows you to make a profit in the flat. The total number of simultaneously open trades is no more than 3, Martingale and averaging are excluded.

Trading Conditions CrossPoint:

  • timeframe – H1 (although the robot can work on minute timeframes, but long strategies are the strength of the robot);
  • The minimum deposit is $ 2,000. United States;
  • minimum lot size – 0.1;
  • currency pair – USD / CAD;
  • maximum drawdown – 7.79%;
  • Planned yield – 30-45% per annum.

Advisor Settings CrossPoint:

  • SAR_Step – indicator step;
  • SAR_Maximum – maximum indicator value;
  • TSL — set of parameters responsible for the trailing stop;
  • CCI_Period — indicator period;
  • CCI_Up (Down) _Level — the upper and lower levels of the indicator;
  • CCI_Method — the main indicator setting parameter with the values ​​of the open price, lower, average price, etc .;
  • Lot, Stop_Loss, Take_Profite, Slippage — personal money management options.

If CrossPoint does not show profit on a 12-month test period more than 20%, adjust the SAR and CCI settings. Remember that the results on a real account may differ from statistics on a demo account due to slippage.

Summary. CrossPoint has almost no modifications, but the basic settings offered by AMarkets are enough to start earning. The initial deposit may seem large, so we recommend running the CrossPoint Advisor on a cent account after testing on a demo account. We are waiting for your opinion in the comments!

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