The problem of the development of crowding investment platforms is to provide guarantees for a potential investor who does not always have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the information on the project. Most venture capital projects fail not only because they prove to be untenable, but because their authors manage the money of the authors at their own discretion in their favor. Investment funds have a similar problem – the lack of transparency and the ability to monitor how the money invested works is holding back investor interest. A crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology can solve the problem.

crowdinvesting platform for partner investments

In December 2017, ICO announced a unique project – a crowdinvesting platform that will allow you to multiply your investments quickly and with minimal risk. It is based on the blockchain technology, which ensures maximum reliability of transactions between the investor and the investment fund. It is a kind of application developed in the Ethereum environment. It allows you to control the distribution of investments, thereby eliminating the possibility of fraud on the part of funds. The essence of the platform is that it connects the investor and investment funds, ensuring transaction transparency.

The benefits of investing through a crowdinvesting platform for an investor:

  • quick profit. A quick return on investment is achieved by investing in projects that work with highly liquid assets. The project partners (potential investment objects) are investment funds working with real estate and highly liquid assets. Over time, the number of funds will expand;
  • bonus to first investors. Due to the only emission of tokens, after an ICO, a cryptocurrency exchange rate can be earned up to 100% during the year;
  • minimal risk. Diversification of risks when investing in top funds with different selection of assets in the portfolio, confirming the balance of the fund’s wallets using smart contracts, investment funds with an impeccable reputation – all this protects investments from manipulation and default;
  • long-term project. The crowdfunding platform token is a digital currency designed for interaction between investors and funds. The platform itself acts as an intermediary and guarantor, ensuring the reliability and security of transactions. Tokens can be exchanged at any time at ETH, an independent company with a worldwide reputation and impeccable reputation (for example, an investment bank or an auditor) is responsible for ensuring liquidity;
  • low entry threshold. Crowdinvesting platform solves the problem of high commissions and a high threshold for entering the international investment market. All organizational issues are resolved in electronic form.

The platform provides transparency of investments, removing the problem of the language barrier, distrust of the investment fund or financial intermediary and the issue of diversification of the investment portfolio.

The very idea of ​​creating such a project suggests that soon the classical forms of investing will gradually shift to blockchain. So this technology has a great future, like most cryptocurrencies.

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