By focusing on technical indicators, advisors, charts, and Bektest, traders overlook the pleasant advanced settings of MT4. Someone they seem useless, but on the contrary someone falls in love with them the first time. They do not affect the trade, they rather affect the emotional and psychological state of the trader. Earlier we already talked about the built-in assistant for trading news in MT5, about libraries in MT4 and now a new review is an alert in Metatrader.

Alerts in Metatrader

Alerts are sound alerts for a particular event. These can be signals about opening and closing a position, triggering pending orders, news, etc. If they are distracting, they can be turned off. But when several windows are open, trading in several tools is enabled: the alert in Metatrader is a very useful addition. True, with the library of sounds from the platform, a frank trouble. But why understand the whole set of incomprehensible sounds, if you can create them yourself?

You can record a voice message in two ways:

  • Find audio recording software on the Internet, for example, Camtasia Studio;
  • use the player built into the operating system (Start – All Programs – Accessories).

A microphone and headphones will be needed anyway. If you do not like your voice, you can record a voice notification using the pleasant voice of Google translator. To do this, in the search engine translation line, enter an audio message, click “Listen” and record the result in a file. Languages ​​you choose.

After recording the file, go to the root directory where the MT4 platform is installed, go to the program folder and find the Sound folder in it, where we copy the created Metatrader alert. By the way, it is not necessary to write something down. If you have a standard set of sounds pleasant for you (the sound of the sea, birds singing, etc.), you can also add here. True, consider the duration of the alert – it makes no sense to put, for example, a whole song.

Now we change the standard Metatrader alerts to our own. To do this, go to: Service – Settings. Find the tab “Events” (quick launch – Ctrl + O). In the window that appears, you will see the event type and the corresponding alert in the .wav format.

In addition to standard sound alerts, you can customize your own personal ones. For example, in case of a breakdown by the price of the level you need. To do this, in the Terminal panel (where the balance is monitored), go to the Alerts tab, right-click and click New in the menu. In the Metatrader alert editor, you can specify the currency pair, price level, alert time, add an alert file.

MT4 has many interesting features that at first glance seem imperceptible, but which greatly facilitate trading and make it comfortable. Traders about them may not even suspect. Therefore, we invite each experienced trader to share in the comments about what else the platform has interesting support functions. And thank you in advance for this!

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