The training account is no different from the usual one, it works with the same lots, in real time. Money only used on a demo account is not real. Month-second novice trader is strongly recommended to work on a demo account. If the basics of trade will be mastered, you can start trading in a real account in small lots. It is undesirable to work on a demo account for too long. And that’s why. You can fall into euphoria. It is possible that a novice trader can be successful for a long time. It may seem to him that he knows everything, everything can. This feeling will not leave him until he starts trading on a real account in large lots (which is extremely dangerous). A demo account will lull him to vigilance, and then the trader will lose big money in real trading. The strip of euphoria usually ends with a protracted depression. You can become discouraged. A speculator can earn money, then lose money on a demo account. Despite the academic success or failure, the trader may be tired of working idly. Since the loss and earnings will not be real. A person may just get bored and become discouraged. In the end, the trader simply switches over when switching to a live account. He will begin to dream of indicators and graphs, he will start to feel sick of trading, and after major losses he will give up on the exchange trade.

That is why it is strongly recommended to switch over to a real one after a brief acquaintance with trading on a demo account.

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