A trader is a profession that, like other activities, is not without its professional diseases. The only difference is that in the official work you can take sick leave, while maintaining a stable part of the income, the trader is completely left to himself. Therefore, it is in his interest to notice the approaching problem in time and periodically carry out prevention. Read more about the most common diseases of traders.

How to take care of your health

  1. Eye disease. One of the most frequent problems associated with the fact that the trader is constantly at the monitor. Since a person wants to earn more and more, he will sit in front of the monitor until the last moment until he finally gives up. What to do:
  • Take a break for 15 minutes every 2 hours.
  • Use all sorts of strategies where signals alternate. For example, combine short and long-term trading, apply indicators that draw color areas (load reduction).
  • Blink more often, look away, focusing on more distant objects.
  • Use drugs and stop trading at the first sign of visual fatigue.
  1. Osteochondrosis, arthrosis. Improper posture, the position of the back and neck lead to pain. Try to sit straight, swing your back muscles, periodically change the position of the head, etc. Prevention helps to avoid this kind of disease traders.
  2. Psychological diseases. Gambling, sleep disturbance due to excessive emotionality, the emergence of addiction, lack of confidence in their abilities, loss of balance, etc. Here it is important to eliminate not only the effect, but also the cause. Often, psychological problems arise from overwork or failure. Therefore, it is important to switch to other areas of activity, as well as the ability to control oneself. Creating a safety fund and the ability to see positive aspects in everything reduce the likelihood of stress.
  3. Bad habits. Alcohol, coffee abuse, etc. – a consequence of the desire to relieve tension. Maybe you should consider other options for recreation: swimming, shooting, bike, etc.?
  4. Diseases of the trader associated with a sedentary lifestyle. This includes cardiovascular diseases, overweight problems, and muscle atrophy. The solution to the problem here is one: periodically interrupt for exercise, move more and monitor your physical condition.

We think that this list goes on and on. Therefore, we invite all readers to join the discussion of health problems in the comments or on the forum. What are your diseases traders? How do you fight with them and what are you doing as a preventive measure?

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