In order to effectively manage capital in the gold market, you need to know from which cities and states you need to receive information. List in order of importance. South Africa in recent years has ceded its primacy in mining to China, but not in the export of precious metal. Johannesburg in the last hundred years is the legislator of gold prices. The Witwaterwater Brand, a hundred-meter range, the most gold-bearing vein of the ever known deposits on Earth. She, as before, pleases and delights people with her inexhaustibility. There are some more gold deposits in southern Africa in the city of Springs, in the neighboring states of Zimbabwe and Namibia. Not only Johannesburg in South Africa can be a catalyst for gold prices, but also the main capital is Pretoria. There are legislative acts, including quotas for the export of raw materials and customs duties. To a lesser extent, the port cities of Durban and Cape Town may affect the price of the “despicable” metal in the event of mass strikes. But, of course, these riots are nothing compared to strikes in the mines of Johannesburg. When there is no peace, the miners block the entrance to the mine – the price of gold often takes off in price. China remains a socialist country, from which you can expect various surprises. In the past six years, he is the world leader in the extraction of yellow metal. In addition, the Middle Kingdom consumes a lot of it, yielding in this case only to the permanent leader – India. The main consumer of gold in China is industry, and not only jewelry. India does not apply to exporters. She buys gold and will buy in huge quantities. The mentality of Indians is so persistent that even in foreign cities with so-called Indian quarters. “Little India” buy a lot of gold. Such a process takes place in London, where the largest Indian diaspora lives, in the millionth of Durban, where every third is Indian. When in the Land of elephants the rainy season ends, weddings begin and gold jewelry is bought up very actively. Peru since the time of Francisco Pizarro supplies gold to all corners of our planet. Collecting a ransom for the Inca chief Atahalpu, the Indians filled the large room with gold and twice silver, which was the largest military booty in history. But the gold in the country has not dried up on this. Peru takes the first place in the world in the extraction and export of silver, and one of the first in the extraction of gold. Australia can boast that the largest gold nugget was found on its territory. The country is unusually rich, including precious metal. It supplies it to the world market all the time, especially to the countries of Asia. Russia once held the lead in the sale of the yellow metal, but those days are long gone. In the Urals, it has practically dried up, but in the Magadan, Irkutsk regions, Yakutia there are quite a few of it, including unexplored deposits. Follow the news from these countries, traders who work with gold, it is necessary. One news can make them grieve, however, and significantly empty the wallet.

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