Many of you have probably already received an e-mail promotional letter describing all the imaginable and inconceivable advantages of the new creation from the already famous “trinity” of guys. The new robot is called FAP Turbo Evolution.

In essence, Evolution is nothing more than a version of FAR Turbo for interbank brokers that support automated trading via the JForex API. This interface is a Java based scripting language. As an example – Swiss Dukascopy. In principle, the advantages of the new robot over the MT4 version are obvious – low spreads, fast execution of orders, the absence of “dirty methods” on the part of the broker. However, we all remember that not so long ago, the original adviser FAPTurbo gave quite large drawdowns – it was difficult to “zero”.

The creators of the expert chose an interesting tactic to promote the product and increase the confidence of potential buyers. They gave copies of the script to several well-known people in the Western Forex industry for preliminary testing. Here are the results stated on the official website:

ZENO STREICH (4xproject): Deposit USD 10,000, date 10.06.2009. Start trading 11.06. Balance: USD 11,784 (+11.7%)

AVI FRISTER (forex-trading-machine): Deposit USD 30,000, date 12.06.09. Start of trade 17.06. Balance: USD 37,127 (+23%)

DONNA FOREX ( A deposit of USD 10,000 as of June 4, 2009. Start trading 09.06. Balance: USD 13,441.87 (+34%)

CHUCK ( Deposit USD 15,000 from 06/05/09. Start trading 10.06. Balance: USD 19,735.85 (+29%)

Anyway, the new expert adviser will be released in the next few days, and we will have the opportunity to come to grips with forward testing of this device for automated trading.

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