Almost every day we make some transactions: we pay for purchases in the store, utilities, we receive money transfers. One of the problems of many people is the lack of a financial plan and control over the ratio of income and expenses. It seems that it is not a problem to compose it, but it must also be observed. Well, if the transaction is permanent, and the card is only one. And what about when it comes to the costs of the whole family? And if you add payments on loans and various kinds of investments to standard transactions? This is where financial applications come in handy.

Financial management applications allow you to:

  • Control the income and expenses of the whole family at the same time. The application is placed to all members of the family with shared access;
  • manage multiple accounts simultaneously;
  • automatically make mandatory payments or turn on the reminder function;
  • plan cash flow.

We already wrote about something similar – trader diaries. But if diaries are needed by those who work with stock and currency markets, then financial management applications will be useful for everyday life, even if a person is not engaged in investing. Some of the applications are similar. They only differ in functionality, user interface and some details.

Useful Financial Monitoring Applications

  1. Money Lover (IOS) and Money Manager (Android). Simple free software for mobile devices. Perform basic functions of control over expenses and income, debit card and credit card management. It is possible to group movements by accounts and graphical display of statistics.
  2. Zen-mani. The application for financial control, which is able to independently record transactions carried out on the cards of Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Tinkoff, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, QIWI. Allows you to control the entire family budget, manage multiple accounts, track transactions in the context of cards, deposits, loans, mutual funds.
  3. Spendee. Includes basic functions to monitor transactions and work with the budget. The advantage of the application is multicurrency with automatic conversion. The program is simple. Allows you to import data into Excel.
  4. Icontrolmymoney. In addition to the usual functions of control over the budget, the program allows you to plan and manage the profitability of investments (deposits, mutual funds, etc.). From the application, you can make transactions, updating stock prices and currencies from Yandex automatically. The disadvantages include the lack of cross-platform and the ability to export data, no reminders.
  5. MyBudjet. The functionality of the financial control application is simple, but the program attracts with a user-friendly interface. Advantage: cross-platform (MacOS, Linux and Windows compatible).
  6. Debit & Credit (IOS). Advantages: the transaction creation speed is up to 4-5 seconds, it is possible to save the geolocation of the most frequent purchases (saves time), there is an upload to PDF, however, it’s not clear why this particular format was chosen.
  7. Wallet – Finance & Budget (Android). Allows you to conduct joint account management from multiple devices. You can import banking transactions. The disadvantages include the average level of protection against hacking.
  8. CoinKeeper. This is not so much an application as a wallet-calculator with cloud synchronization. There are graphical statistics.

There are dozens of financial management applications, but you can’t say which one is better or worse. Everyone chooses something of their own, evaluating the visual convenience or functionality. Therefore, we are waiting for your comments regarding what you like exactly!

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