Tell me, is this situation familiar to you, when it seems that luck has already been caught by the tail, profits are coming, the project is successful and you want to earn more and more? When a person achieves significant success, there is a desire to go further: invest more, choose new tools, etc. But at some point a fracture occurs and a dark streak sets in. Excitement is replaced by irritability and the desire to play the loss. But the loss is only increasing and now all the profit is lost, the result is logical – the lack of money and the desire to complete the investment. When to stop in time – this is our today’s review.

When to stop in time and how not to lose the earned money

Tips, when to stop in time, can be divided into two parts: the change of a person’s emotional state and the emergence of unexplained technical problems:

  • A feeling of euphoria and excitement. This feeling is relaxing. It seems to a person that he has already become almost professional and stops analyzing the situation in detail. Even an accidental, but significant victory can turn the head, although it will only be a statistical accident. The consequence is a mistake. Because advice: there was a feeling of euphoria – better relax. In no case do not increase investments and keep stock (for Forex it is recommended that the amount of open transactions is not more than 15% of the deposit).
  • Fatigue, irritability, lost interest. Trading and investing is not only physical, but also emotional stress. Lack of concentration can lead to missing important points. Stop it. Read the theory, visit exhibitions or forums, change the direction of activity.
  • There is a desire to compensate for the loss at any cost. The unsystematic opening of deals and the desire to make a profit again is called gambling. Playing on this weakness is often used in the pyramids. The investor is allowed to relax by charging the first profit, after which they deprive him of the entire deposit. When to stop in time: when logic and coolness are replaced by excitement.
  • There is a desire to use credit. The project (deal) seems to make a profit, but all the money has already been invested and want to take a loan? Do not allow this in any case. You only need to invest the money that you are willing to lose. And this is by no means the last money of the family budget, and even more so not a loan. Exception: the use of credit for projects in the case when it is more expensive to take money out of circulation.
  • There was a feeling of loss of control over the situation. Do not rush to trust intuition. It is possible that you have not foreseen any factors, have missed something significant in the pursuit of profit. Roll up deals or open long-term positions and take time out. Maybe you do not have enough knowledge. Also analyze the work of the broker. There may be a technical problem.

Recommendations when to stop in time are general in nature and quite obvious. But what is obvious is most often ignored. If you have noticed the onset of one of the following signs, we advise you to temporarily suspend or even withdraw money from the project (trading). What are your risk management rules? We invite you to discuss this in the comments!

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