The key driver of the last days for the markets was the expectation caused by the official comments of the ECB, which indicated that the central bank was on its way to slowing down its supporting monetary policy. The yield on the 10-year German bond, the European benchmark, has been falling for the third day in a row. The ECB may have spurred the growth of profitability, but, most likely, the regulator will not announce a premature easing of financial conditions. The ECB is considering price stability. By its own calculation, the ECB did not reach its inflationary goal. Now inflation in Europe is not on a steady and solid path to a 2% target. In addition, the strategic expectations of the market trend in recent days were determined by the events of the previous week: Yellen’s semi-annual speech before Congress, disappointment in US inflation data and consumption data. To this was added the collapse of the Senate’s efforts to vote on the health care law yesterday. These events have a negative effect on the dollar. Last year’s high gradually enters the market’s attention – $ 1.1615. European stocks rose on Wednesday, amid positive corporate earnings reports. The pan-European Stoxx Europe 600 SXXP, is growing at 0.4% to 384.09 points. Attention on Wednesday continues to focus around earnings reports. There is a slight correction on FOREX against the background of profit taking before tomorrow’s ECB meeting. EURUSD fell to 1.15 12 where purchases returned to the market. Nevertheless, we expect moderate FOREX trading today, awaiting tomorrow’s important news event.

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