No important economic data is expected.


Europe: Germany will be the first to report. Expected data on current conditions and economic sentiment from ZEW at 09:00 GMT. They will publish data on economic sentiment for the Eurozone. An hour later, the UK will publish data on industrial orders from CBI.


Europe: Markit Economics to release a German PMI report on services and manufacturing at 07:30 GMT. Half an hour later, these same indices will become known for the Eurozone.

US: With regard to the US PMI in services and manufacturing, their output is scheduled for 13:34 GMT. However, this is not all. Sales of new buildings in July will be in focus, especially given the construction of new homes fell by 4.8% in June, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The Energy Information Administration will report crude and refined oil stocks at 14:30 GMT.


Europe: the UK will play an important role on Thursday, because markets will receive data from the British Banking Association for Mortgages on Homes, Material and Food Stocks and the first GDP news for the second quarter at 08:30 GMT.

USA: The leaders of all world central banks are starting the first day of the Fed Fed symposium in Jackson Hole. Sales data on the secondary housing market are scheduled to exit at 14:00 GMT.

Asia: Tokyo’s CPI for August will be published at 11:30 pm GMT, along with Japan’s CPI.


Europe: Preliminary data on Germany’s GDP for the second quarter will be released at 06:00 GMT. Investors will closely monitor the report, because he may clarify further plans for the ECB to reduce incentives later this year. Ifo’s business climate opinion is set for release at 08:00 GMT, along with business expectations for August.

USA: Data on durable use orders for July will be published at 12:30 GMT. Baker Hughes will provide a weekly report on the number of drilling rigs at 17:00 GMT.

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