Trading in small deposits has a number of features, including:

– the need to open a large number of positions;

– low rate of return from each transaction;

– high risks and the possibility of huge earnings.

In order to trade on small deposits, it is necessary that the broker provides a large leverage. In this case, the market will be able to enter a relatively large lot, and even a few points of earnings will bring a sufficiently large absolute income.

But it is necessary to understand that at the same time it condemns to quite high risks. However, in spite of everything, many novice traders choose small deposits simply because people do not have several thousand free dollars to start a full-fledged trade. And if there are any, then the person is not ready to risk them.

Which advisor for small deposits is better to use?

Due to the high popularity of small deposits as such, quite a lot of advisers have appeared for trading with a large leverage over short time intervals and with minimal parameters of take profit and stop loss.

Typically, advisors are used on short time frames: from 1 to 15 minutes and on volatile pairs, because only in this case can you get the maximum income in the shortest time. Some advisors work on the Martingale principle, which makes them extremely risky and can lead to a deposit drain in a matter of hours.

The most common automated trading systems for small deposits today should be considered:

– Wall Street Advisor (independently adjusts to the market situation, but needs to be optimized for the currency pair and time frame);

– EA Better (needs constant tuning, but can show high profitability);

– Piplaser (scalping system, sharpened by a 15-minute time frame and a pair of USD / CAD);

– Bunny (a scalper Expert Advisor that can be used on any currency pair, but trades using the Martingale method, which significantly increases the risks).

Thus, the use of small deposits allows you to start trading with minimal investment, and the right choice of advisor – quickly enough to increase capital. But you still need to understand that automated trading will sooner or later be doomed to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to gain experience in manual trading, independently analyze the market from a technical and fundamental point of view, in order to subsequently be able to trade on a large deposit with minimal risks and generate impressive income.

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