This trading advisor is called one of the best for those who do not want to deeply understand the technical analysis or settings and want to immediately earn from the first minutes. About him a lot of writing and often searched in search queries. His results are really impressive: according to Bektest, provided by broker AMarkets, the yield for 6 months was 79.25%. According to other sources, with Forex Setka Trader you can squeeze at least 200% per year. But there is also a fly in the ointment: the adviser uses the Martingale as the basis, which is why the maximum drawdown of the Bektest is 61.28%. And this is not the limit.

  • Advice: be extremely careful – the adviser is high-risk and easily resets the deposit. The goal of the trader is to constantly monitor the robot and gradually derive every profit so as to earn 100%. Then you can breathe easy – the breakeven level is reached.

Rules for working with Forex Setka Trader

Net payers are advisors that set up positions to buy and sell currency at a fixed distance from each other. For example:

  • EUR / USD purchase – 1.4;
  • EUR / USD sale – 1.39;
  • EUR / USD purchase – 1.38
  • EUR / USD sale – 1.41.

The model seems to be unprofitable, if only because there are also swaps and commissions besides risks. Therefore, Martingale and candlestick analysis are added to the strategy. Forex Setka Trader analyzes how the last candle was closed: if it is bullish, then a buy position is opened. And vice versa.

The most recent and accurate version of the advisor is 1.6. The robot works on a minute timeframe, often opening positions. Recommended pairs – a combination of euro, US dollar, pound sterling, the recommended deposit that can withstand a drawdown – $ 2000. USA. For training, Forex Setka Trader can be run on cent accounts.

Trading Robot Settings:

  • MultiLotsFactor – lot multiplication factor for orders following the start;
  • StepLots – the number of points to determine the length of the market shift against robot orders for subsequent entry into the market;
  • SafeEquityRisk is the percentage of the deposit that is allowed to use Forex Setka Trader. As soon as the deposit becomes less than the specified amount, all orders are automatically closed;
  • SafeEquityStopOut – enable / disable risk limiting mode in accordance with the SafeEquityRisk parameter;
  • Freeze After TP – stop trading after the desired take profit is reached.

Also, the settings specify the size of the trailing stop (if it is enabled), the maximum number of open positions in accordance with risk management, take profit, maximum slippage level. In essence, the adviser works according to the risk management set by the trader. And if not, then it is better not to run the program.

Forex Setka Trader is a popular grid robot known for unpredictability. It can work in plus a month and “drain” the deposit in a few days. The settings of the robot seem simple, but in practice everything is difficult. The moment of entry into the market depends on which step is taken, which take profit, the loss restrictions on the deposit. Advisor starts to bring profit when high-risk settings are set. And the question is whether the trader will take the risk.

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