Forex trading can be divided into indicator and indicatorless trading. And it’s not just about fundamental analysis. There are several techniques and methods that allow you to exclude indicators, the disadvantage of which is: redrawing, lagging, reaction to price noise. No, no one calls to trade Forex without indicators, but everything is good in moderation. You cannot completely rely on technical analysis, which often fails.

Trading methods without technical analysis

  1. Mathematical and statistical methods. They can be divided into several groups:
  • Martingale, pyramiding, averaging. High-risk methods, which are more detailed here.
  • Gann Square 9. A figure resembling a pyramid when viewed from above. In the center of the square is the unit from which the sequence of numbers spirals. The first turn ends with a nine, from which the sequence appeared. How to use a square, there is a whole benefit. The common point is that the diagonals of the square have a clear mathematical sequence. Motions in a square are cyclical and move from squares with a small diagonal to squares with a large one. Each cycle ends with the numbers 9, 25, 49, 81, etc., which are the diagonal and the squares of odd and even numbers (depending on the diagonal). Numbers on even and odd levels are used as strong reversal levels. If the projection of the price falls on one of the strong levels of the Gann square crosses, a price reversal is highly likely.
  • Fibonacci levels. Numerical sequence reflecting possible support and resistance levels. Read more about them here.
  1. Fundamental analysis. Forex trading without indicators is possible at the time of the release of news, statistics, reports, releases. Technical analysis is not working at this time. But it is precisely at this moment that the greatest volatility can be observed, because trading is considered high-risk.
  2. Candlestick analysis. Candle is a reflection of market psychology. Patterns (candlestick formations) show the nature of price behavior. The most commonly used reversal models (for example, pin-bar) and models that signal a flat / strong trend.
  3. Trade by resistance and support levels. There are several options:
  • Highs and Lows. Forex trading without indicators provides that for local maximum and minimum prices, levels are built that form a price channel (not necessarily horizontal). Trade is conducted with the expectation that the price will turn around at the channel boundaries.
  • Breakdown. Sooner or later the price breaks through the channel, forming a strong direction. The trader waits for this moment and opens a position in his direction. We can also talk about the breakdown of a pattern (for example, a triangle).

Levels are built simultaneously on a short and long timeframe, so if they match, then the probability of reversing them is maximum.

We have described the most popular ways to trade Forex without indicators. If you want to offer your options, join the discussion in the comments!

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