Forex Vzlomshik Pro is a new version of the old Forex Cracker. True, what improvements have occurred in it will be able to say only its developers. The robot is ambiguous. On the one hand, testing for 6 months gave a yield of 63%, and positive feedback about Forex Vzlomshik Pro on the Internet is also encouraging. On the other hand, it is based on three multicurrency scalping strategies (which is already a risk), and a drawdown of 49% is also not for the faint of heart traders.

ForexVzlomshikPro – justified risk at moderate costs

The advisor’s versatility is that it works on different currency pairs. At different periods of time, the pairs behave radically oppositely, as the robot uses. When one pair shows a loss, Forex Vzlomshik Pro makes money on the other. The minimum deposit is 2000 cu, the recommended timeframe is H1. Any currency instruments are suitable as currency pairs. Of the minuses – there is a problem with multi-currency testing, since MT 4 does not support this function.

ForexVzlomshikPro settings:

  • UseMannualLots – the parameter is enabled when the initial lot volume is more than the default value of 0.01;
  • Lots – initial lot size (0.01 by default);
  • Booster – the coefficient by which the lot is increased when opening the following orders (Martingale element);
  • TakeProfit – desired profit level;
  • TurboMode – a parameter that improves the stability and profitability of Forex Vzlomshik Pro in flat conditions;
  • TurboDivider – activate TurboMode when a certain value of open orders is reached;
  • ContinueTrading – if you enable this option, the robot will continue trading after the order grid is closed. Otherwise, work stops;
  • MM – enable the automatic money management built into Forex Vzlomshik Pro;
  • Divider – a coefficient that is required to calculate the volume of a position if money management is in automatic mode;
  • StopLossPCT – the maximum drawdown value at which the robot automatically closes all open positions. The parameter is activated in volatile markets when a strong trend can quickly “drain” a deposit;
  • TakeProfitePCT – the value of the desired profit, after which all positions will be closed.

The remaining parameters of the adviser relate to the trailing stop settings and individual multicurrency strategies with the assignment of unique numbers to open positions. If there are difficulties in understanding how these parameters work, it is recommended to leave them basic at initial testing.

Summary. Forex Vzlomshik Pro is a rather complicated robot, the number of settings of which can be confusing at first. In fact, nothing too complicated. Let the robot have a complex organizational structure, but it’s all better than building your own strategy from scratch. Someone will say that Martingale is a risk, but it is in this adviser that the successful combination of the insuring parameters of a stop loss with an increase in the lot makes a good profit.

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