Fractal strategies can be attributed to trading by graphical candlestick analysis. The fractal in Forex is the candle that has the maximum maximum value, this is the pattern where the average candle is maximum. Fractals themselves are not used, as it is difficult to predict the formation of a pattern, and the already formed figure is a signal of a missed position opening. Additionally used sliding or alligator. A confirmation signal at the entrance will be the formation of a figure above the sliding ones. One of the advisors working on this strategy is Fractalis, which you can download for free from the broker AMarkets.

Fractals in Forex: we make money on graphical analysis

The effectiveness in accordance with the Bektest advisor is relatively average – 29.3% for 6 months with a maximum drawdown of 42.28%. The fact that the drawdown is a little less than the profit for the year is a bit confusing, because Fractalis should be attributed to high-risk ones. The recommended deposit is $ 1,000. United States.

The principle of the adviser is based on placing pending orders on 3 and 11 level fractals in Forex. Level 3 means that the fractal candle is higher / lower than the neighboring candles on both sides. Level 11 means that the fractal has 5 neighboring candles on either side, which are higher or lower than the central candle. If new fractal formations arise, Fractalis corrects pending orders. If they do not work, the order shifts closer to the price.

Fractalis Robot Settings:

  • TP_Fract_3 = 300 – Take Profit for three-level fractal candles;
  • SL_Fract_3 = 200 – Stop Loss on three-level fractal candles;
  • TP_Fract_11 = 500 – Take Profit on eleven-level fractal candles;
  • SL_Fract_3 = 300 – Stop Loss for eleven-level fractal candles;
  • buy_Fract_3 = true – activation of work on three-level fractals in Forex in the “buy” mode. Similar settings for “sale” and eleven-level indicators;
  • podtvergdenie = false – confirmation of order placement;
  • tofract = 10 – distance to the order placed by the robot.

The adviser works quite tolerantly on all currency pairs, although not without errors. A large drawdown is explained by the fact that candle indicators tend to redraw, and volatility – to hook feet.

The code of the adviser is open, so if you wish, you can optimize it by adding additional indicators. True, then you have to change its structure. It should be done when the adviser stops showing positive results on different currency pairs. Download, install, test. And write reviews and opinions in the comments!

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