In the trading environment, this adviser is called simple, although in reality it is not. According to the declared parameters for the test period, the adviser can bring 652.29% for 6 months (data from the AMarkets broker’s test, where you can download the template for free). The drawdown will be only 23.06%. Despite the interesting principle of work, you should not count on such profitability of the Framework advisor.

Framework Advisory Principle

The Framework is built on three CCI indicators (Commodity Channel Index). This oscillator is used in two cases:

  • to find discrepancies. When the index rises above previous highs and at this moment the price value is at its maximum, a signal for correction appears;
  • to determine overbought and oversold areas. If the index is above +100 – overbought, below – oversold.

Despite the fact that this indicator is used less frequently than RSI or stochastics, it is also quite good. The adviser based on it is designed for a small leverage – until 1:20. Stop loss is not used, take profit – 255 pips. Best of all, the Framework works on an hourly or daily interval with a pair of CAD / JPY. The advantage of the adviser is the optimal security conditions that prevent the deposit to be reset. The main settings for the CCI are: myCCIs = 30, my CCI = 150.

There is a lot of information about how the Framework Expert Advisor works. To make changes to the code is not possible, but in part this is a plus. The authors simply do not reveal the essence of their idea, which is capable of generating a three-digit income. The program is fully automated, because for its work it is better to rent a VPS server.

Recommendations for using the advisor:

  • withdraw profit in parts, the more often the better. Since the Expert Advisor works without stops, there is a risk that due to force majeure the deposit can be very drained;
  • at the time of the publication of news, stop trading. Volatility adversely affects the operation of any technical tools that take into account the repetition of events in the historical period;
  • The results on the demo account will differ for the better from the results on the real account. With a strong deviation, the currency pair changes or the settings are optimized.

Framework Advisor can be called one of the most obscure and obscure. It is interesting, ambiguous and at the same time unique. You can earn with it. Open a cent account and test its capabilities. And share in the comments about your result!

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