FreshForex Broker is always bright and colorful contests, promotions, bonus and affiliate programs, which serve as a nice addition to trading. Everyone who works with FreshForex knows how easy and simple the cooperation with this company is and how regular customers are valued here. And let, before the New Year even more than a month, FreshForex broker is already beginning to delight your favorite customers with attractive promotions!

FreshForex Broker is a broker who knows how to surprise pleasantly!

1. “Get Loud Rooster trading advisor for free!” This robot uses more than 20 candle formations and is optimized for work with FreshForex. Its price is 400 dollars. US, but replenishing the account by only 100 dollars. USA, you can get it for free! Also attached to the robot are detailed instructions on how to configure it and optimal trading parameters. Hurry up, the action lasts until December 2!

2. “Megarebyte.” The promotion is valid until December 31! If you have an account “Classic“, then you can receive compensation for closed transactions by choosing one of the following schemes:

  • $ 7.5 refund. US for every 1 lot on transactions that brought profit;
  • $ 15 refund. US for 1 lot for transactions closed at a loss.

Recall that, regardless of the outcome of transactions, you can also partially compensate for the spread by becoming a client of the FxCash rebate service. After registering for free on the FxCash website, you get the opportunity to compensate up to 16 dollars. USA for 1 lot due to the partnership of our service with FreshForex broker.

3. “101% for replenishment.” The promotion is valid until December 31, 2016 for accounts of the type “Classic” and “Market Pro”. Promotion conditions:

  • when credited to the account amount over 1000 dollars. US (equivalent in rubles or euros) FreshForex broker will credit a bonus in the amount of 101% of the deposit;
  • Admission from 100 to 1000 dollars. The USA will bring 75% of bonuses;
  • the bonus is designed to maintain the score in case of a drawdown.

4. “36% per annum on deposit is a profitable alternative to banks!” The offer is valid until December 31, the offer is distributed to the accounts of “Classic” and “Market Pro“. The greater the volume of transactions, the greater the percentage charged on the balance of the deposit. For example, spending on a transaction account of up to 10 lots, 1% per annum is charged on deposit, up to 50 lots – 3%, and over 300 lots – 36%.

5. “1 dollar for each client.” The promotion is valid until December 15, 2016. Broker FreshForex pays $ 1. USA for each attracted client in addition to the reward for the affiliate program. Under the terms of the affiliate program, you can get up to $ 20. US for each lot of a friend regardless of the success of trade.

Despite the fact that all the shares end on December 31, those who do not have time to use them – it does not matter. We are sure that in the New Year FreshForex broker will offer new and regular customers even more contests, promotions and interesting offers. Follow them on the broker page or in the FxCash news. Good luck to you trade and useful gifts for the New Year!

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