A universal advisor working on the Puria strategy is designed for medium-term trading and works well for most types of accounts. According to the results of testing the advisor for 6 months on the platform of the MT4 broker AMarkets, the adviser’s performance is 131% (57.93% of profitable transactions) with a small drawdown of 17.65%. Recommended deposit – from 1000 dollars. United States, a multicurrency advisor, because for aggressive trading it is better to use the MT5 platform.

Puria Multi-Currency Trading Strategy

Puria’s strategy is based on classic indicators, so professionals will not find anything new in it. Its peculiarity is that it is overloaded with technical indicators, but their settings are so clearly lapped to each other that the adviser almost does not require optimization and is universal for any currency pair, subject to the individual selection of the timeframe. For example, for each pair, developers offer their profit margins and convenient timeframes, selected in accordance with the market volatility:

  • USD / CAD – 1 hour and 20 points of income;
  • USD / JPY – 30 minutes and 15 points of income;
  • GBP / USD – 30 minutes and 20 points of income, etc.

For each of the 15 major currency pairs, the recommended timeframe remains at least M30, take profit is in the corridor of 15-25 points. Income horizons may increase in a strong market, supported by fundamental factors. The strategy uses four indicators with the following settings:

  • simple MA (85), “apply to” = Low;
  • simple MA (75), method = Linear, “apply to” = Low. The color of the first and second simple gliders can be left the same;
  • ЕМА (5), “apply to” = Close;
  • MACD: “fast EMA” = 15, “slow EMA” = 26, MACD SMA = 1, “apply to” = Close.

Puria strategy can be built on the chart manually – this will allow you to choose your own settings for each currency pair. But you can download the template by adding filters.

The principle of opening a sell position: as soon as the EMA crosses both MAs from top to bottom and the confirming oscillator closes below the level “0” with at least one candlestick, we open the position. With a long position is similar: the oscillator should be above the level of “0”, the EMA crosses the simple ones moving upwards. The developers of Puria’s strategy do not deny that there is a concept of “market volatility” and therefore it is better to use additional filters and sometimes select other settings without deviating strongly from the basic ones.

In the advisor built on this strategy, all input parameters have already been laid and the trader needs only to set the values ​​of the opening step, the stop loss and take profit levels, the maximum number of positions, the trailing length, the risk per trade (maximum 1% recommended ).

The feedback on the Puria strategy is positive, on the advisor – mixed. This is partly due to the fact that for each pair you need to adjust the timeframe and take profit, there are difficulties with adjusting the settings of the MA and the oscillator. But, according to experienced traders, if you have patience and adjust the robot, then within a few months a small profit (5-7% per month on a real account) can be earned. Download the template, install, test and share impressions in the comments!

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