Go to the point. Updates in the project after 2 months of inactivity.

Many probably already know – the service was paralyzed for almost two months. We will not go into the details of what happened (the project administrator went through a serious test – significant health problems, practically, three months out of life), at the moment everything is normalized and brought to its current state.

The team. In addition to the “originator” of the project, xbs, now the technical administrator of Savage, the technical support team, is also involved in the service. Also, we accept new participants with great enthusiasm – our doors are always open – you can send messages by E-mail to the service (here is the dog :)) fxcash.ru

Technical support from 10 to 17 hours in Moscow, and is ready to answer any questions and solve any problems – by icq 5771185, as well as the old ICQ – 4447667 (Administration).

Charges. Old charges are constantly updated, according to InstaForex, FxPro, IBCapital, Dukascopy – already completed. The rest – in a few days will be fully prepared. In any case – you can always leave a request to the technical support operators – specifically through your account, managers will conduct a detailed investigation, add funds if necessary, and will contact you in fact – either by phone or by email.

New schedule of charges. Yes, serious innovations. Details will be information at the end of the week. Many will be pleasantly surprised.

Requests for withdrawal. At the moment, all pending applications have already been processed. Some blamed us that the service was closed, deceiving all. No, all money, cent to cent, is processed and paid. New applications are processed within 72 hours (but in the absolute majority of cases – according to the “day-to-day” scheme).

New brokers. We add. At the moment we are completing the technical integration of a number of new DCs (their logos are already visible in the project user’s control panel). Also in the process of signing – an agreement with 4 new dealing centers


Administration FxCash.ru

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