Grand Capital is interesting because the broker’s competitions and bonuses cover almost everything you can – any trader can find something attractive for himself. Most of the actions are indefinite, and competitions are held monthly.

Grand Capital – Compete and Earn!

1. “Drag Trade”. Competition between traders who prefer intraday trading and scalping tactics. It takes place every Friday from 5 to 6 p.m. To participate you need to open a demo account and submit an application. The top 10 traders become the winners: the leader of the competition gets $ 200. US with the right of withdrawal, the remaining 9 – bonuses in the amount of from 20 to 100 dollars. US with the condition of replenishment of the deposit.

2. “Micro Trade”. To participate you need to replenish the account in the amount of 50 to 200 dollars. US and try to earn as much as possible. The tournament is held every last week of the month, and as a prize – 10-300% of the equity difference (the difference between the deposit balance at the beginning and the end of the competition).

3. “Rally Trade”. The contest is held on a demo account every two weeks from 15.00 Thursday to 15.00 Friday. The prize is a no deposit bonus of 500 dollars. USA. Trading conditions of the competition are built in such a way that a correctly developed strategy brings 90% of the victory.

4. “Future Trade”. The tournament is held every first week of the month and provides for trading on a demo account on CFD (the underlying asset is any assets other than shares of US companies). The prize is a bonus in the amount of 50 to 200 dollars. USA and the main prize – no deposit bonus in the amount of 1000 dollars. United States.

And a few words about the bonuses offered by Grand Capital on an ongoing basis:

  • “Personal Bonus” (the promotion is valid until 12/31/16!). Get 50 to 200% Birthday Bonuses!
  • “Day of risk-free trade.” Applies to all customers who work with the Option account. Provided that at least a one-time deposit of money within a month, the trader gets the right to compensate for one (any) unprofitable day. The loss will be compensated to the account as bonuses, the maximum amount of loss – 10 thousand dollars. United States;
  • “No deposit bonus $ 500. USA”. After opening an account and passing verification, $ 500 is automatically credited to the account. USA for 7 days, after which it is canceled. There is no need to replenish the deposit, the profit received goes to the real trading account;
  • Bonus for every transfer of money to the deposit Grand Capital provides a bonus of 40% of the credited amount. Possible transfer of the bonus to the property, based on the calculation of 1 closed lot = 3 dollars. United States;
  • “Invite a friend.” Affiliate program that allows you to receive a reward for each invited friend. Bonus partner is charged for each profitable transaction of the invited participant.

Due to the fact that Grand Capital is a partner of the FxCash rebate service, you can earn even more on returning the spread.

Get a return of up to $ 8 for each trading lot in Grand Capital by opening an account with a broker for free through your FxCash account. Read more about how to open an account and receive a rebate through FxCash in our article “How to open an account with a broker with a rebate”. Do not forget to register for free and get spread compensation from FxCash!

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